Good Hands

Beaumains was once my name
I cometh humble, still ever same
Broken and dried were once my hands
Hardened and softened fair, as one who stands
Shadowed as one picked off the shelf
A silent vow, test of self
Upon coming time
A noble quest, a singing rhyme
For in action is only proof
The only currency of truth
Taking beast between the thigh
To path’s end or to die
Into the forest deep I intwined
Accompanied by two, we dined
A humble one of truthful sight
The other a lowly spell of plight
Wandered through the only way
Upon a crimson grove bodies sway
One of the darkest self attacked I
Cast to violence one must die
Incased in victory of death
Continue forth all peril jest
For darkness I have met
Amour worn eternal debt
A blooming grove came forth in sight
Not of healing, only strife
Warden of green grove stood tall
Sharpened axe heeds his call
“I once challenged a man who does not cower
The Hound his name, immortal flower
Do you carry such nobility?
Draw forth sword.” he decreed
In victory I conquered wild nature
Path revealed embraced stranger
The Red Horizon is fate
Onward to death’s date
A flower bloomed in cage of obsidian
Riding forth to fear no oblivion
The Blood Warrior stood guard and master
Sheathed in darkness I bring disaster
To defeat he of seven strength
Furious struggle of great length
Stand tall over the one who conquers
Stand over self and eternal monster
Embrace the Lady fair
Queen of eternity’s glare
Crown bearing seven stones
Seven lights a mantled throne


By Lightning We Shall Fall

Many years ago and this day
A great forest flowered as ever May
Ever enchanted, cursed and blessed
An ancient oak grew strong
A distant wolf alone howled long
One day hot and of wet air
Lone wolf wandered, glazed glare
Weary of the hunting trail
Seeking shade, one tired, one failed
Grove of the Oak he found
Ancient Kings shadow upon the ground
Finding rest
Temporary nest
“Clear mist, wearied wolf,” said Oak
Whisper from above, the ancient one spoke
“The mist is Blinding”, replied Wolf Lone
“My seeds are buried unsown”
Oak stirred “All seeds shall grow in time
For God does not commit such crime.
Why young wolf do you alone sit?
I see scars one cannot not shift
There are many wolves of the forest
Do you not hear their chorus?”
“I hear their wailing cries” Wolf replied
“Do you not hear their spirit died?
They howl at nothing, only jest
Not to Sun’s fury nor Moon’s caress
They hunt the young and the innocent
Weak for the weak, they are empty and spent
Their deceitful ways are not as I
In the forest I once met a Single Eye
I do not hear a true wolf’s cry
Only trickery, a masked lie
I once hunted alone the mighty Bear
I am now scarred for not having care
I hunted alone the noble Elk
Pierced was my skin, pain was thus dealt
I hunted alone the cunning Mountain Cat
Clawed scars now show upon my back
With thirst I drank from a white stream
Now here I am with a silent dream.”
Oak spoke, “I too stand alone.
All saplings watched now stand grown.
For centuries I have stood vigil
Seeking the stars, the eternal sigil
To many I have given rest
My gift is to be a nest
One day I will pass
Just as every blade of grass
One day I will fall asunder
I pray only by lightning and thunder
Young lonesome wolf of the hunting trail
In failures we never fail
I envy your unending way
The feeling to wander astray
For my roots run deep into earth
Forever I am but a hearth”
“I envy you mighty Oak”, Wolf replied
For in peace you may die
I am forever cursed to hunger and thirst
To only find peace, to find God first
For I shall die of blood and desire
You shall fall from lightnings choir.”
I quiet breeze passed under Oak tree
In silent thought each could see
“Lone wolf, Forever I shall give you rest”
“Great Oak, I shall ever stand watch, a dog’s new nest
And one day there will not be death of blood
Nor death of desire, only the Cycle’s love
And one day, by lightning we shall fall.”
“By lightning we shall fall”

Oak Root

Root of Oak
Speaking one spoke
Twin serpents spiral about
Twin serpents dance beyond doubt
Acorn resting to bloom
Water blessed of the moon
Ascending forth of earth’s crest
Ever upward to find new nest
I am the voice spoke he
The rock of security
Feel the rhythm of breathing breath
Understand all life is death
The root of understanding I am
First path of the twisted strand
The water falls as a caress
Feel of the deep, as serpent of ness
I am the voice spoke she
Feel thyself, tender roots decree
Pulsation of ecstatic call
Siren and nurse, rising we fall
The dragon rose, spewing forth flame
Great destroyer of all name
I am the voice he declared
Immortality I stare
To destroy all, to all create
To give endless seed under forest great
First touch of breeze, whisper of voice
Frenzied storm, death of no choice
I am the song spoke she
The first and the last to see
Taker and giver of hearts
Destroyer of ends, creator of starts
Ever skyward entwined
Upon the spirit wings dine
To wrap and twist upon the neck
To play hands of the deck
I muttered a word, the primeval sound
Thus was first birth, birth of the ground
All I could see in plain sight
Alas, one eye, the serpent did bite
Blinded, witness of first sunrise
Clear is the mist of moon’s cry
Twisting, intwined does one climb
To settle upon crown’s shrine
Wings descend the sky of most high
To crown a new king, a new king to die

Bread and Circuses

‘Life is empty’, words one groaned
‘All is for nothing, we all die alone
A bottomless pit is our true heart
We are finished the moment we start’
Thus are words of self deceit, self lies
As such, are words of the living who died
For were did one seek life and time?
Bread and circuses, our greatest crime
Control the mob to remain ever weak
Circuses and bread are all that they seek
As the Emperors once decreed
Even now all eat from such seed
The glowing box and all it portrays
The circus so numb, entertainment they gave
Free help taken from the choosing weak
Give me free bread, the crops one does not seek
Why do you partake in such death?
Why do you allow only life’s theft?
This is why such emptiness thrives
Amongst the walking who died
Yet please hear the words I speak
Words from the mist I seek
I have heard their whispers at night
To not be famine nor plight
The promise that has been sworn
The blood, the footprints before you unworn
For such has given you feet
To fill you anew, a future to greet
And one day the mist will part
No more circuses nor bread
No more blindness to be led
At such time the fallen will stand most tall
The kneeling will no longer crawl
The silent will be the lasting voice
Slavery will only be choice
The wailing shall roar with might
The blind shall gain new sight
The wounded will be healed and rise
Such I have heard the mist cry
An echo, a voice of one from the past
A Voice Of The Oak, a single blade of grass
A chieftain and warrior true
A promise that all time is due
‘My brothers, all are as one’ spoke he
‘Let us escape to our deaths, freedoms decree
For we are not slaves, onward to freedom’s grave’
Broken bounds he made his leave
Only to plant a new seed
Cornered and surrounded as one to lose
‘Stand my brethren, our time is due.
I am a free man of a free nation, he cried!
No surrender nor mercy asked, free we shall die!’
I heard their cries deep in the night
A rally cry to only die under freedom’s sight
For how beautifully can one lose
Yet first freedom one must choose
Thus let your life be full
Do not numb, made so cruel
Full from the footprints left behind
The blood of those who on hope they dined
Understand there is meaning and not despair
The future is to be tended, sacred and dear
Circuses and bread shall the mob always be fed
Such their emptiness, their immortal dread
Yet there is an Emptiless Well that one may partake
Bread and circuses, one must first forsake

The Devil’s Crew

When night is still and owls do shriek
When air is thick and mist does creep
A song does stir upon the breeze
The Devil’s crew, a slow decree
A solemn march upon death’s moor
The witching hour, Old Gallows door
When road is black, flames break sight
A creeping cart rumbles along at night
A crooked tune upon the wind
The Devil’s crew, come back again
A whispered lament, a moaning song
To have fought till end, life no longer long
Shots of rum, flaming delight
Oh, to only return to Captain’s last fight
To die erect a chest aflame
Not to hang, our bodies lame
Captain brave and fierce as sin
We should have died next to sworn kin
His eyes as coal aflame on shore
Hell’s smoke billowed from his core
A twinkle alight always in eye
Silent threat of men to die
As the ocean became women fair
Upon men’s hearts he struck despair
One’s last fight, immortal cry
In death the Captain never died
Lament of time now lost
Such our end, the die thus tossed
When night is still and owls do shriek
When air is thick and mist does creep
A song does stir upon the breeze
The Devil’s crew, a slow decree
A crooked tune upon the wind
The Devil’s crew, come back again

Shadow’s Embrace

Her hair is dark as midnight
Supple skin a full moon bright
An old friend, well known face
Salvation from disgrace
Is this what your soul creates?
Her words to never forsake
Or does it make you feel most alive?
On such no man thrives
Are they not the same? spoke I
Never, she whispered, why slowly die?
You are no longer bound by the sword
Nor unworthy men by your stone word
A wolf you have been too long
The howl made you strong
Free now is your hand to create
Blessed is this eternal date
Misty eyes of love
Frenzied swell of blood
Come hither my noble hound
We are forever spell bound
All day a shadow hung over my head
Repeating the words she said
Fallen to the lust of life
Beauty’s song left for strife
Hungered thirst of the way
A reminder of he who walks astray
Her words haunted my every step
Ancient promises not to be kept
My soul does not create such
Never walks upon a crutch
With whispered laugh and blush of cheek
She spoke of what it is we seek
Hair of night and skin so bright
Inspired my lost and weary sight

Splintered Wood

Long ago in mist unknown
Between Oak and Willow, seed was sown
Far time, withered thee
Again, again a planted seed
A glance of time
Maddening rhyme
Willow leaves did sway
The Oak, the Oak is blessed this day
Sun shining, leaves entwining
Song of a slow breeze crying
Why, oh Willow, do you dance so?
Such will not make you grow
For I dance with wind spoke she
With ease stroked, for all to see
Yes he said, the wind is fair
You so worth one’s stare
Yet the wind does crack and bite
Have you not heard the Fey of night?
All will give and take
For the wind will forsake
Free I dance, she cried
Or else I fear I shall die
Find then wind, sweet splintered heart
In such please find true art
Or others will build with your wood
A broken heart misunderstood
Do not be contained by the wind
To dance one must dance within