I Seek Not

I seek not a friend, I seek not a foe
This realm I leave, alone an oak grows
To study my art, my solitude, my call
I seek not your spirit, I seek not your law
Take your world, take your decree
With honour I leave, no more will I see
I seek not your words, not your rampant tongue
Wild chorus eternal, the only truth sung
Dirt humble my home, your way stands not here
Remain in your flock, do not travel near
I share not your path, I share not your thought
My heart is not sold, my pride is not bought
I seek not agreement, I seek not your shield
I play not your game, I stand not on your field
I seek not a friend, I seek not a foe
Alone the moon sways, alone the sun glows

Final Oath

An axe age, a sword age
A wind age, a wolf age
Shields are sundered
The earth trembles, storms thunder
Black become the rays of sun
Unbound the Wolf does run
Blood snow falls from stars above
Amongst kinsmen there is no love
The Serpent’s gnawing comes to end
From bowels of Tree fury sends
From the east the jotnar stride
To drown the world in slaughter’s tide
From the south fire spews
Death does walk, death long due
The shadowed dead march in force
Death to all, black ships sail forth
A single horn wails in might
The gods stride forth, the final fight
Last stand of fated path
Stand tall, no more to ask
Warriors Lone bound shield to shield
The final oath, to never yield

Sacred Peak

I travel in solitude to mountain’s peak
Do not follow, alone must you seek
Casting of the ancient bones
The lonely summit, the earthen throne
I seek the strength of Great Father Bear
Shoulder’s burden I carry with care
I seek the healing of Mother Bear Great
To find peace, the world to forsake
To hear not a double edged tongue
To hear not your secrets so freely sung
I seek not validation, nor give such away
Seek of yourself, the true blissful way
I seek not your war, nor will receive such
My sacred fury walks not with a crutch
Step away from this shadowed cave
I wish not to create a new grave
Brother Bear, hear my silent call
Together we shall never walk small
Sacred Totem receive this crimson gift
Pillar of stone, the sky we shall lift
Blessed dirt feel my humble embrace
I shall never cower, strike to my face
Brother rampant, slumber’s peace
Renew weary shoulders, mountain’s feast
I travel in solitude to the Sacred Peak
Do not follow, alone must you seek

The Coming of Lugh

Afar I have lived through mist filled eyes
Far from this world I did fly
To learn the craft of ancient’s name
Thoughts of lost blood, a lonely pain
Upon the clouds came hooves of thunder
My oaken home, lightning sundered
Upon destiny’s gate I did knock
A new world a stranger stalks
I offer my humbled hands of pride
Let us create a story to never die
I give a heart that pierces the darkest night
Arise all who suffer a wicked plight
This inferno my sacrifice of life
I shall stand beside you in any strife
I vow to die this very breath
For my love shall never suffer theft
A burning beacon when moon is high
For this love shall never die
I offer my strong hands of toil
A new seed to arise from blooded soil
Gatekeeper, I have come to reign again
Quickly, to your liege lord send
Break free from the oppressor’s will
The Ildana returns, do not be still
For millenia the flame has burned bright
Now in sight for one more fight
In death a beacon shall glow again
Until the Otherworld again does send
Gatekeeper, I have come to reign by right
Quickly, to your liege lord’s sight
Break free from the oppressor’s will
The Ildana returns, do not be still

Red King

I am the Red King

Chorus of the wild, my song they do sing

Ever have I been and ever will I be

Pillar of all suns, leaves of eternal tree

Religion I know not, unbound I am free

Single path I know, sacred if thou be

I am the blood that bleeds red

The great cycle ever fed

I am the beating heart aflame

True king without a name

I Hunger, I Thirst

I seek war not upon the living, nor upon the dead
I war upon myself, one of past mislead
Self of day gone, daily must die
Today I shall slay my self hidden lie
I seek not to trespass nor trample another
Already I dine beside lost sisters and brothers
Oaths cast in blood, roaring in night
Storm winds blind single thy sight
There are promises I must keep
The honeyed whispers of woken sleep
To purify my spirit, lightning’s sacrifice
The sacred last breath of my life
I ever hunger and ever I thirst
For all I love, I vow to die first

Patient Frenzy

Beloved strangers, veiled faces known
How many lifetimes have we grown?
Shadowed comrades, fated to meet
The twisted path we do seek
Do you see the stars this night?
An eternal union, eye’s delight
A fire will burn that awaits my voice
Tell me a tale of one with no choice
A fire will burn that awaits my glare
A union of shadowed faces stare
There is dirt that awaits my touch
Ever wounded and never a crutch
A cup of nectar awaits my desire
I raise my glass to this unknown fire
To you who walks the path of fate
Ever destined is our date
For the sun speaks of a time to come
A ship to sail, failure to ever shun
If first I fall and fail to rise
Upon storm winds spirits will ride
For the winds carry the unknown fate
The winds do guide this destined date
I await the day we meet
In silence we shall first greet
Tonight of this shadowed moon
I do praise the forest groom
Tonight under stars we see
The maiden grows to ever be
This night I raise my glass to you
This path of fate our only due

Oak Heart

I am Father of the Forest, Son of the Earth
Sower of seed, each sprout a new birth
Hungry roots pierce deep the land
Shadowed leaves fall, a whispered lost clan
My deepest of love, you I shall shield
King of the heart, Oak of the field
I fear not the axe nor thunder above
I fear the slow rot, the thought of lost love
Your burden my kindred, I shall ever bear
The stars and the moon, remember with care
The sun does grant bliss and taketh away
By lightning, lightning shall be my last day

Servant of the Shield Wall

My life shall make you strong
My fate, will it be long?
Upon my hand you shall stand
Oak of the Field, King of the Land
My hand shall deliver you power
From oath I shall never cower
My hand shall bring you strength
Walk upon blades of any length
I shall be the first to fall
Quickly now brethren, stride ever tall
I shall be the first to feel
From death, can we steal?
I care not why you will kill
Nor why in fire you shall fall ever still
When will you feel shield’s final weight?
What choice did you lose this date?
What oath has been lost?
What vow has been tossed?
What path did you choose?
What honour did you lose?
When hang you shall from sacred oak
Weight of the shield, the final yoke

The Shaman’s Flame

When lone is the moon of night
When high is the sun of light
In fate place a single trust
Cycles rotate, cycles thrust
Feel the heart and pulse of land
Bedrock breath on which you stand
Does there exist an edge?
Has the shadow ever bled?
In seed is divine oak near
In oak is sun, he glares not here
Sight of brother’s riddled eyes
A heart burns far, on earth we lie
Breath cast far and draws all near
Fire tongue, can one burn fear?
Flame to roar a beacon bright
A single breath, all suns this night
Every breath to ever be
Here and now, this lone decree
Fly from cage of death’s grip
Upon true throne no breath sits
Realms to wander far and wide
This subtle stream the heart does guide
When moon is whole and flowers bleed
The wolf bane burns, destroy thy greed
When night is dark, no flame does spark
The nectar pours, banish the dark
Freedom of spirit’s unbound roar
On silver wings the stars do soar
The Shaman’s flame this night burns bright
The center, the edge, beyond and in sight
When all form fades away
Know the truth of nature’s sway
In blood return to earth’s fate
In strength you must wield this date
Know the wisest council far
Know when to draw the sword in war
Know when bright arrows soar
Know when to walk through new door
A stagnant heart, a ship not at sail
The Universe shall weep and wail
When growth does not seek the seed
The stars in silence ever bleed
Fly, fly true, fire bright
The cycle shall be thy sight
The cycle turns, return you must
For in you the spirits do put trust
Of stars under ancient sight
Of flames that burn in the night
Return, return to world of fate
Wield you must each every date
The cycle turns, return you must
For in you the spirits do put trust
Of stars under ancient sight
Of flames that burn in the night