Heirs of Germania

You will never take away our pride
Prepared we are to die
You will never take our song
The northwind wails forever long
You will not force a fallen knee
Death ever standing, the Ancient’s decree
Our shields shall never be cast down
We have been pierced, hung and drowned
We shall not stand with men of hate
Greater is our destined fate
We shall not remember men of disgust
Forgotten spirits, ground to dust
Our deeds shall not create strife
Deeds of honour’s glorious fight
We have so much to show
So many reasons to glow
We shall represent love and power
Restless hands, hearts never cower
New branches of roots old
Standing trunk no longer sold
See the honour of our standing men
Each a king, the divine crows did send
See the power of our women high
Each a queen, enthroned till we die
We shall stand in our righteous pride
Embrace our beauty, the moon of tides
We desire the same for all
Feel your roots, never do crawl
May all who walk this earth
Grow ever high branches of a new birth
Each our tree shall be unique
For such beauty we do seek
When each tree is seen to shine
The forest shall be divine
We shall stand as the oak returned
We still have so much to learn
New branches beneath an old sky
The sky ever changing through new eyes
We are the new, here and now
We come not to conquer, nor to ever bow
May all men of earth never crawl
May no woman of earth ever feel small
May a single rain water the forest dear
May each unique tree stand without fear


Many Shields

I am never alone
Ancient Oak stands, sprouted seed sown
The solstice flame burned bright
Oath bound heroes from beyond sight
For the Divine Crows herald my coming quake
The Honoured Dead stampede in my wake
I have many shields
Ever standing Oak of the Field
Shatter and split my grasp
I shall rise again, never will I ask
Cast me down and curse my name
Cut my skin, seek fleeting fame
I have many shields
Many hearts, never alone in the field
The Divine Crows herald my coming
The Honoured Dead appear from nothing
They call me father, brother and son
Were you walk we shall never shun
The Storm Maidens grant me blissful sleep
Honey soaked, moaning never meek
The Warriors Lone grant the sword strong
My path of fellowship will never be long
Seek to cast me from the field
I give not an inch, for I have many shields

The Black Oak

Thousands of years ago I fell asunder
Struck by lightning, choir of thunder
Storm winds wailed, into the bog I fell
Consumed by time, I have much to tell
Hidden by darkness, I slumbered light
For millennia I listened day and night
I was watered by rain, blood and hail
I have much to show, many a tale
I heard of love and hatred burn
I witnessed nightmares and dreams unheard
I felt prayers and sacrifice of life
I heard painful wails and woeful strife
I felt generations pass with hope
Barely a whisper, fragile words spoke
Lifetimes passed before my eyes
The ancestral halls filled by those who died
Upon an unknown day I felt light
Pulled to the surface by hands of delight
My body was once a golden glow
Now black as night of the moon whole
Caring hands embraced my ancient form
I rose again, returned and reborn
I see a world traveling towards death
Such is the price, price of human theft
It saddens me, a world destined to end
I have returned, the Otherworld did send
If we are to fall it will be in glory’s name
We shall forge an everlasting fame
One worth remembrance, of spirit’s embrace
Until none live to remember, cycle of grace
There is much work to be done, each day a gift
Destined to fail, we must heal the great rift

The Axe

In this axe I do put trust
Sweat shall save us from greed filled lust
With this axe I shall create life
I choose not to walk in strife
My brothers, let us not shatter shields
My brothers, let us plough the fields
This axe is all I need
My saviour from lustful greed
I shall reap the sacred tree of forest
Hewn to timber, strike filled chorus
I shall frame this divine home strong
Stone foundation, it shall stand long
With axe I shall create bow and spear
Hunt the forest of sacred game dear
I shall split the oak and build roof strong
This is the will of the Roaring Throng
With this axe I shall protect what is mine
One day, beside gods I shall dine
From me, do not seek theft
Do not approach so near death
Let us not shatter shields
Let us plough the fields
Let us not seek strife
Let us create new life
My axe shall build fire of love
Let us not seek frenzy’s flood
For my axe shall wage total war
To life comes blood soaked lore
Let us not shatter shields
Let us plough the fields
Let us measure wealth in sweat
Let us not create blood debt
Feel the pain of endless work
Peace or war, the path is forked
With this axe I shall create life
I choose not to walk in strife
My brothers, let us not shatter shields
My brothers, let us plough the fields


I vow no blade shall touch my head
High King once swore to the Honoured Dead
Neither combed nor cut shall be my mane
I care not if you deem me sane
This vow I shall till death keep
Until one banner my brethren seek
A single sight, a single dream
This I vow, nothing is as it seems
The plait of my spirit shall grow as Oak
To our gods High King has spoke
This tireless burden I shall carry
The power to never become weary
Until my brethren have Single Eye
This I vow, in sanctity and honour to die

Honoured Tyr

I am the honour of spirit’s flame
I am the dignity of silent name
Unbreakable is the true sword
Unbreachable is my oathbound word
Never call my name with empty hand
I answer only the sword that stands
My brethren who walk the martial way
Never will I guide you astray
He who wears the sword belt true
You shall rise, your time ever due
Cast down falsehood, the pretender’s play
Noble sword’s kiss, my only way
I am vengeance, destroyer of word false
I am the punishment of oath speakers lost
Each day grasp the sword in glory’s name
Each day give all, reclaim our lost fame
Cast down the traitorous, the fantasy’s path
Master the sword, single thy grasp
Right hand of power, the dragon’s tongue
Chorus of steel, the only truth sung
Rise my children of wounded blood
In sacrifice seek power, ever rising flood
Draw forth the steel and wear the belt true
First and the last, death is our due