Shadow’s Embrace

Her hair is dark as midnight
Supple skin a full moon bright
An old friend, well known face
Salvation from disgrace
Is this what your soul creates?
Her words to never forsake
Or does it make you feel most alive?
On such no man thrives
Are they not the same? spoke I
Never, she whispered, why slowly die?
You are no longer bound by the sword
Nor unworthy men by your stone word
A wolf you have been too long
The howl made you strong
Free now is your hand to create
Blessed is this eternal date
Misty eyes of love
Frenzied swell of blood
Come hither my noble hound
We are forever spell bound
All day a shadow hung over my head
Repeating the words she said
Fallen to the lust of life
Beauty’s song left for strife
Hungered thirst of the way
A reminder of he who walks astray
Her words haunted my every step
Ancient promises not to be kept
My soul does not create such
Never walks upon a crutch
With whispered laugh and blush of cheek
She spoke of what it is we seek
Hair of night and skin so bright
Inspired my lost and weary sight

Splintered Wood

Long ago in mist unknown
Between Oak and Willow, seed was sown
Far time, withered thee
Again, again a planted seed
A glance of time
Maddening rhyme
Willow leaves did sway
The Oak, the Oak is blessed this day
Sun shining, leaves entwining
Song of a slow breeze crying
Why, oh Willow, do you dance so?
Such will not make you grow
For I dance with wind spoke she
With ease stroked, for all to see
Yes he said, the wind is fair
You so worth one’s stare
Yet the wind does crack and bite
Have you not heard the Fey of night?
All will give and take
For the wind will forsake
Free I dance, she cried
Or else I fear I shall die
Find then wind, sweet splintered heart
In such please find true art
Or others will build with your wood
A broken heart misunderstood
Do not be contained by the wind
To dance one must dance within

Hounds of God

The Hounds of God we are
Mantle worn over many scars
We fear not the Devil nor his hell
Fear not the evil witch’s spell
Guardians of the sacred land
Howl as one we stand
When demon and witch threaten all
Upon the fen we heed the call
When evil threatens harvest gift
We travel across Hell’s rift
No man nor demon to fear
We bring threat when drawn near
To beat and to mortally bite
We are the wolves of night
Defenders of the sacred land
Under one moon we stand
We take up pelt of beast
To guard the innocent’s feast
Chosen, few become as we
Those gifted, hidden we see
For when I chant upon this mead
Upon your soul I plant a seed
Run with us this blessed night
Cast all evil from your sight

Warm Delight

Springtime blossom and pollen scent
The delight of time temporarily lent
Arriving home to shut the gate
The world I may now forsake
A frenzied canine a fire shot
Ecstatic one it’s me he caught
Breathing flower of feminine grace
My love, my life, my other face
In shining sun the rose does bloom
Arrived, arrived is the green groom
Herbs embrace with aroma inviting
Black snakes rattle, I’ll bite as lightning
Birds do ever chirp and sing
Solemn bells do daily ring
The night is cool and breeze is quaint
Come my beast let’s free restraint
The moon this night glows a whole
Let us travel hunting paths we stole
Chorus of life where land meets marsh
Howl to the moon loving and harsh
What beautiful land to watch such grow
To see the seeds the planters sow
A folk story I heard the farmer speak
“Coywolves have settled the forest deep
I hear them sometimes at night”
I smile back, such warm delight…

DSC01141 copy 3


I am your hatred and your fear
The shadow always near
I am your blessing and your curse
Your poison and your nurse
I am everything that holds you back
Every forward thrust upon your track
The reason no man can stand your presence
Silent rape of their essence
I am the destroyer of brotherhood
The unease of those who near you stood
I am your self disgust and disdain
The feeling of honour ever stained
I am the reason of every fall
The reason you rise to hear the call
I am you xenophobic recoil
The search for utopian soil
I am your stalking concealed blood rage
The stance to despise all age
I consume auras of any wealth and position
Dark and small one’s light shrinks desposition
The unease of decadent egos great
Without a word he will remember this date
I am the endless stamping pace
The ever feeling of disgrace
I am the echo of honeyed voice
The effect of magic he has no choice
Unseen I reveal insecurity to host
Strike his aura as a ghost
I am your blood bleeding red
Not of this I am fed
Nothing your body and ego means
I am the essence of the unseen
The truth that comes again and again
Truth has no beginning no end

Witches’ Night

No fire this night lit
Come thee witches, come and sit
This night the veil is thin
Melodies of ancient kin
This night I invite thee to
Of the mist thus seen through
Truly, the dead travel fast
Invitation to share a glass
No fire lit this night
Free is the witch of flight
Indeed, the dead travel fast
A toast, I raise a glass