This Is She

Orchestra of crows in flight
Singing of the Way
Singing never stray
Meditation under lightning
The cold sting of rain
Discovering if fate will take you
Distant sounds of battle
Limbs snapping together
Fire pulses in blood
Sight of the beautiful
One dancing amongst the stars
Volcanic heart
Blade that cuts slowly
Black blade no one may see
Symbols of blood
Refusal to bow
Fight to stand alone
Ruler of self
Cast away to wander
Rejected by all
Strength in solitude
Noble spirit unbroken
Dignity unwavering
Untouchable and hated by many
Magic under full moon
Shape shift in pale light
Primal passion in full bloom
Nothingness under new moon
Reminder of death
One with one
Ritual drink consumed
Feast of the swords
Blood and sweat
Terror in sleep
Test of sincerity
Awake, do you fear?
Blissful desirable dream
Granted to champion chosen
Honour given to kings
Hand of tender compassion
Hand of empowering strength
Honeyed kiss of divinity
Freedom of spirit
Touch of the goddess
Uncoiled awakening
Take my hand
Together we will stand
My Queen
My Beloved
My Goddess

As Said The Flame

I spoke with the flame
Under the full moon
Under the empty moon
I spoke with the flame
For if one stares long enough
If one seeks without seeking
The flame will show you The Way
Look now! This is your life
Look now! This is your death
Will you still walk The Way?
For fear must burn
Words mean nothing
Only action is weighed
Act without hesitation
For you who walks The Way
If Brother falls
You must fall
We must fall as One
Loyalty is only found in deed
Loyalty is found in the dead
Loyalty is all
As said the flame
This Way to your death
Intimate and blissfully
For it has cultivated The Way
Keep looking
Do not stray
For death is the only Way
As said the flame

Fey Music


Deep in the forest the witches play
Do you hear the fairy music?
The enchanting sounds of the Fey
Do you see the floating lights?
The orbs beckon from the Sidh
The Fire is bright
The Shadows at bay
Tonight the worlds are one
Portals opened from the Fey
The music beckons
Join us they say
The Fire is bright
Round and round we sway
Deep in the forest the witches play
Strangers are not welcome
Only those who know the dance of the Fey
The wine it pours
The smoke bellows forth
Deep in the forest the witches play
The flutes and drums
The rhythm takes you far away
Join us you who can hear
Come join the witches play
For Lord of Sun
Queen of Moon
King of Earth
Protector of the Mothers Womb
The lights flicker far away
The music lingers
A seducing whisper
Join us if you hear
Join the dance if you can find The Way
The Fey walk amongst us
When the witches play

Sacred Space, Sacred Blood


This is the place of Champions
This is the Forge of Iron
The time no one will witness
The pain no one will see
The blood no one will taste
What happens here is Sacred
This is our daily ritual
Alone, yet never alone
They need no invocation
They are already here
They always come
Outsiders are not welcome
Perversion is not accepted
The Earth breathes beneath ones bare feet
The vortex of energy spirals as a storm
It begins slow
It begins artful
Technique masterful
Technique and art do not win the fight
Technique and art do not survive the chaos
Only unbridled blood fury
Only unremorseful spite
The pounding takes over
Limbs of Stone!
Breath of Fire!
Hissing Tongue!
Humanity filters away
Only The Fury lives
Pounding, ever- pounding
Pain means nothing
Exhaustion means nothing
Pounding, ever-pounding
Are you weak?!
Will you stand amongst us?!
Blood must be given!
Blood is demanded!
Limbs of Stone!
Breath of Fire!
Hissing Tongue!
Pounding, ever-pounding
The fury eventually fades
Humanity returns
You stand amongst us
Blood has been given
Taste it…
Limbs of Stone…
Breath of Fire…
Hissing Tongue…

Let Us Take A Walk

Badb's Grove Art

That feeling
The feeling when one walks into the forest
The forest that is deep
Shadows enclose
The truth of existence wraps your essence
Arousal comes quickly here
Can you feel it?
Or are you still buried in false self?
It is the feeling of freedom
The feeling of truth
Here: You are what you truly are
Not what you wish to be
Not what you believe to be
The forest does not care
It will kill you without hesitation
Without remorse to your human beliefs
Everything here wishes you gone
Everything here is hostile
Yet, only here do I feel I belong
I feel welcomed
I feel unwelcomed
In that is the beauty of the forest
False celebrities
Royal cowards
Greedy politicians
All are naked here
There is no false worship
All are the nothingness they truly are
For he who needs society to be powerful
Is the weakest of animals
Walk into the forest
What are you now?
The smell of the swamp is inviting
Swamps are beautiful
For few tread here
Here one can be alone
Away from the lies and chaos
The copperhead that crosses my path is beautiful
We understand one another
As we respect what we truly are
The black widow that may be hiding
The hawk that screeches above
Nothing cares about your self created belief
You are naked and true
This is a place for peace and meditation
This is a place for finding and losing
Eventually the time must end
A return to the paths of concrete
The paths of slavery
This is a dog eat dog world
Yet I see few teeth
Only the noise of barking
I am sick of barking
I am intensely hungry

Invocation to Thor


Thor I invoke Thee
Guardian of the Sacred Shrine
I ask of Thee:
Heal the wounded hearts of men
Heal our bloodied hands
You who are all-generous
Heal that which is wounded
Hallow that which has been desecrated
Strong One, Bright One
Bring light to the darkness of our hearts
Cast away the shadow of despair
One Who Rides Alone
Give strength to the weak
Strength to carry the weight of this world
Give courage to the fearful
Hope to the hopeless
Oh, Terrible One
Give us righteous fury to cast down the wicked
Give us your voice of Thunder to proclaim the Truth
Give us steps of Lightning to trample the Serpent
We shall fearlessly dance in your raging storm
Great Hallower
Mighty Protector of Mankind
Bless us in our hour of need
Strengthen us in our hour of weakness
Fight with us to the Very End
I swear you will not fight alone

So It Begins


“None can withstand my magic, beloved one.
The challenge will be absolute. All gods will witness.
Not a man amongst them is greater than I.”

“My Champion, my fierce Hound, my beloved.
My unbreakable shield: you will never fall.
Go forth and show them who we are.”

Forever King

Lady of the Lake Art Final

Her voice as smooth honey
Her touch as oil warmed
The Otherworld beckons You
You who are king
Take what is yours
Birthright to claim
Come to me
My embrace is warm
My eyes yet cold
You who are both:
Come to me
A gift from death
A life with nothing left
Come to me
You are the Ever-King
My flower it blooms
For you who are the Sun
I seek your warmth
Feel my embrace
Victorious one
Defeated one
One to live forever
Feel my embrace
Feel my embrace
Take up the sword
Never to be sheathed
Feel my embrace

My Lament is Heavy


Do you remember?
Brother of Oak
Sister of Willow
Innocent child of Truth
Closed eyes filled with wonder
Closed mouth singing sorrow
Remembered by many
Unknown by all
Here again we stand
Please hear my call
Distance far and unknown
In my soul so close
Your ears are shut
Your eye does not see
Awake my lost brethren
Please walk with me
We wander the shore
Our hearts lost at sea
Remember what was
Scattered clan of ages past
Many are here
Please feel the call
My lament is heavy
Please remember what was…