Invocation to Thor


Thor I invoke Thee
Guardian of the Sacred Shrine
I ask of Thee:
Heal the wounded hearts of men
Heal our bloodied hands
You who are all-generous
Heal that which is wounded
Hallow that which has been desecrated
Strong One, Bright One
Bring light to the darkness of our hearts
Cast away the shadow of despair
One Who Rides Alone
Give strength to the weak
Strength to carry the weight of this world
Give courage to the fearful
Hope to the hopeless
Oh, Terrible One
Give us righteous fury to cast down the wicked
Give us your voice of Thunder to proclaim the Truth
Give us steps of Lightning to trample the Serpent
We shall fearlessly dance in your raging storm
Great Hallower
Mighty Protector of Mankind
Bless us in our hour of need
Strengthen us in our hour of weakness
Fight with us to the Very End
I swear you will not fight alone

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