When Witches Fly


Fly ever high
Fly the moonlit sky
Free from chains
Seeking destination from spell
Herbs of this
Plants of that
To create magic
Magic so deep deeply felt
Datura and bane of hen
Belladonna and mandrake
Your legs will quiver and shake
Hemlock and glove of fox
This leads to death if you ingest
Carefully delight or plight
Mugwort, sage of clary and wormwood
Leading to pleasure few understood
Balm of gilead and calamus root
Yarrow and tansy
Bound in fat, rubbed upon you tenderly
Were lust and life is held
Were flowers bloom
Flight will come quickly
Take up the herb lathered broom
Bane of wolf and ditanny of crete
Always remember, the unguent you do not eat
Opium poppy and cannabis flower
Now we fly high, so high with power
Perhaps some ale or mead
To fly forth and break slavery
Perhaps some ergot of rye
Know the correct measures of all
Rub the magic between female thigh
Fly agaric for those who have opened the eye
The sight thus given to fly so high
Sacred space in a place alone
Or all will hear you moan and moan
Freedom found
Ecstasy unbound
Goddess of life
Let your rushing river freely release
Ride upon anointed broom
Fly without fear
Feel the blossoming flower
Feel the witches power
The power of freedom
The freedom of self
The spirit it flies
High upon night sky
Lead by the witches Eye
Soft sweet laughter
Explosion of pleasure
Fly in the ether
Darling come hither
We will fly together
As no broom could create
Apply potion
Feel the motion
Fly ever high and free

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