The Long Haired One

We do not release energy unchosen
We harness it
Long hair
Bound hair
Strong hair
Our power remains within
We master it
Heavy head
Unbroken neck
Bound as divinity
Spirit one within
Our path is narrow
Only growth will lead within
All outside and weak hate
Those who heed the call
Strong one forced upon you
If you heed the call
Hate, envy and mockery
Ignorance and hypocrisy of man
Such is the way of the weak
They are so loud yet so meek
Many choose nothing to understand
Strong the hair will make the man
For separation leads the way
Strength of divine
You are the divide
Magic is your call
Hatred comes from all
Warrior will be your name
Only perseverance
Will keep you sane
Ignorance will be your greatest enemy
Yet enemies are a pleasure
In them you will find your measure
Feel your whip
For whipping them is what you will do
They deserve the beating
First you must find the strength within you
Heavy is the head
The way you are lead

The Crown

He is the tempest that brings forth rain
She is the soil that blooms
He is the lightning that descends from sky
Hers is the womb no longer dry
He is the furious thunder
Orchestra pure and clear
She is the tide high and low
The field that one must sow
He is the sun in high summer sky
To give life and to burn
Dim light in winters heaven
Howling breeze in forest slumbered
Wolf howling through the night
The hunter that seeks life for life
She is the silver moon glowing the night
The moist earth with planted seed
Giving life to all in need
The stream that flows with a quite lullaby
The flower bloomed in springs embrace
The distant song in forest of fire dark and deep
Many names they have been called
Yet a name is nothing but a cage
Both are one for one is both
The spiral that turns
Sit in silence were man does not crawl
Know that you are both
Hear their call
Find that you are nothing
Find that you are everything
A long road to be walked
Many years must you seek
One day they shall knock
One day you shall know
Indeed you will feel beyond doubt
She will ascend from the earth
Upward your head will burst
He will descend into your spirit
Strength will become your hand
The wild call will sound
The heart of her land will beat
Never again will things be the same
Many will call you insane
But know you are now one
For you have become both
Moon and Sun
Lunacy when they speak your name
Their reality is a blasphemy
A true lie that will fall
It is they who are insane
Peace and knowing you will have
Power of stars in your blood so red
For god and goddess have taken their stand
You have become one with the land
Never again may you idly sit down
For burdened is the head that wears the crown

Queen of Elves

Aubrey, my fair beautiful Aubrey
Ruler of Elves is her name
Fairest of fey
Pure spirit of play
Eyes as spring meadows
Lips as honey soaked flowers
Voice so tender and sweet
My reason for living
Why my ways are so deep
The light to my life
So I do not become only strife
A dance that’s so free
I do not deserve her touch so tenderly
A song in the morning
With voice that is soaring
Cup warm and of steam
Life would be nothing
If not her I could gleam
I am what I am
She accepts and understands
The monster within
Is contained at her whim
Hers is the spirit of fey
The only justification to My Way

The Shadowed


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.22.43 AM

Shadowed ones

Wielders of magic

Warriors fierce

Crow faced

Priestesses of the war goddess

Frenzied women garbed in black

Torch wielders with wild hair

Choosers of slain men

Givers of battle blessing

Hex bound upon enemy

Martial masters

Wardens of the esoteric

Keepers of the secret War Arts

Teachers of heroes

Raven masked

Sisterhood of shadows

The Baying


Far in the distance
Deep in the forest
I hear their baying
I hear the horns blow
The Tempest stirs
The leaves slowly fall
Soon the forest will be fire
Shadow will blanket the land
The Huntsman opens his eye
Change is upon us
It will not come forth
One must seek it
One must take it
At the point of a spear
The horns blow in the distance
The hounds bay
The Hunt comes upon us
With anticipation my soul waits
With longing my heart hungers
Each day
The horns grow louder
The hounds come closer
I ready my spirit
To join the wild chase
With patience
I await The Wild Hunt