The Long Haired One

We do not release energy unchosen
We harness it
Long hair
Bound hair
Strong hair
Our power remains within
We master it
Heavy head
Unbroken neck
Bound as divinity
Spirit one within
Our path is narrow
Only growth will lead within
All outside and weak hate
Those who heed the call
Strong one forced upon you
If you heed the call
Hate, envy and mockery
Ignorance and hypocrisy of man
Such is the way of the weak
They are so loud yet so meek
Many choose nothing to understand
Strong the hair will make the man
For separation leads the way
Strength of divine
You are the divide
Magic is your call
Hatred comes from all
Warrior will be your name
Only perseverance
Will keep you sane
Ignorance will be your greatest enemy
Yet enemies are a pleasure
In them you will find your measure
Feel your whip
For whipping them is what you will do
They deserve the beating
First you must find the strength within you
Heavy is the head
The way you are lead

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