Red King, why do you wage such war
War upon yourself, war upon your neighbors?

I war upon myself, for at times I am weak
I have no neighbors, It is they with war who seek
Enemies are many in this life and that
White Queen, why do you sit in such peace?

For I have no enemies
I know enemies are created from self
What do you seek as you seek
What is it you wish to obtain
Come sit in the meadow of scent
Bathe in the whispering flowers 
This is only time lent

For I walk a life that will be
Yet only in deed and thought
He who has much has much to give
Both within and without this is
No, many men know little
They create enemies in I for I
I wish to sit with you
Yet I still live
You speak of bliss when I die

Bliss may be found in life
Forgive them you hate
Save yourself much strife
Yes you must act as one must
For touchable we are
Too many feel bladed aura
Seek compassion
Feel the bliss which stands with life

Yes you speak true
So many I cast away
I seek solitude
For every man will betray
Let us be true
You exist such as I protect
Left alone ravaged plunder will be you
Such is the way of enemies
So unfortunately true
The ego lead by unknown belief
This world has lived and lives
Unknowable grief

Truth and half truth you speak
Far distant from I
Tortured and high torturer you will be
For you live in life
For that I am thankful
Thus I give you delight
Yet my way digs deeper and higher it flies
I live in eternity
That which is bliss beyond and beyond bliss
Living can be a mans curse
His life curse is for this
A life all will miss

Then my curse I shall seek
In it I will have knowing
That my way will come betrayed
Yet if I listen to the wild bay
The truth within hidden
I will find my way
And life will continue
For that is what I seek
Life trades life
Blood will draw the knife

In you I find life sparked and bright
The river will run free
Understand the water breathes
That it may live with peace and giving
Yet in it’s torment take away
Listen to the river
For it’s way forces a lingering astray
Indeed we are the flowing water
Inseparable though you wander
Unbreakable though I love

Together we will walk
Walk as two and one
In that our way will stay
Immovable and of constant travel
A luminous night and shadowy day

Polite Conversation

How do I speak
How do I show
The feeling I contain
Another may not know
This is why so aloof I am
So difficult to track
How do I write
That words between us are empty
Us together is unwanted play
It is difficult to look upon you
For your eyes are an open book
One I care not to read
For I wish to remain pure
I desire my own pages
These words I speak I hear as if listening
For I am elsewhere far
A place you cannot follow
I speak small things in flesh
To keep your voice away and astray
Yet each time I am amongst you
It is nothing but a simple act
For to know is to capture
To understand is to bring contempt
In that it is best to stay away or be silent
I speak empty words for your unthoughtful content
Yet my tree is ripe with sweetened fruit
I invite any to eat and speak
First humble step must be your own
Thus we all have a tree that must be grown
My truth will bring you death
A death that must be earned
Thus my words are empty
I am far far away when so near
For I dream of the mountain that burns in the night
The soaring wings beating the winds
The crow who visits my window
The fey who laugh and play at my door
I dream the majesty of moon and stars
Of fair maiden’s pagan song upon the breeze
Of the secret the forest will grant me this evening
Memories of passion and life long past
So keenly felt by empty hands that can not touch
I am away in distant lands
Lands you may not enter
I wish to take you with me
Far away across the realms
It is my lament you are wingless
And thus you must stay
This is why my words are empty
It is best for us all
For there is no were to begin
When I see your eyes
Quickly I will cause words to end

Quiet Nights


The fire is a pleasure on nights that carry chill. Collecting firewood a necessary pleasure. I am surrounded by deep forest. Dry deadwood to create a lifetime of fires. Near is a pine forest. A strange pine forest. The air is thick there. As one approaches, it seems there is  an unseeable fence. I collect there as there is much to collect. A feeling of forbidden territory is felt here. A sense that it would rather you not be within. Perhaps it is the pine. Evergreens are known to drain one of energy. Perhaps it is the two nearby graves of era brothers war. Yet those still seem distant. It feels much older. For my people are new in these lands. Perhaps it is the twilight hour. This forest feels empty, yet so full. It feels as if it has been many things. It does not desire the perversion of ways. One must approach with a sacred tongue. Silence and dignity. Vardr feels of weariness within my circle. He remains half his distance closer, sniffing the earth and hearing the wind without stop, seeking to grasp what is around him. A feeling, that stands hair upon self or beast, is a feeling worth pursuing…


With enough fire collected, it is a quick stride home. My wife is enjoying green tea. I am in the mood for another cold beer.


The fire dances with many strange forms. It dances as the serpent rearing head, as fire dances unpredictable.

Star Gazer

I am Earth
I am the mountain
He who is immovable
Confident and ready
Belonging and empowering
I am he of path’s beginning
Silence and stillness are strength
I am Water
I am the crashing wave
I recede and come again
Passion kindled, emotion and fear
She who will cause you to feel bare
For human you are
Convert this power to project oh so far
I am Fire
The blazing arrow unstopped
I am he of passion ignited
Frenzy of forms uncounted
I rush and pace
I will see no disgrace
He who is king
I am Wind
The mothers lullaby upon the breeze
She of compassion
A flower blooming and moist
I am soundful and soft
My touch heals even hate
Follow my way never to late
I am the voice who speaks pure and strange
I am the eye that sees no other eye
We are the nothing found in everything
Followed by something true found
We are the crowned King and Queen
Oneness upon shoulders
Star glowing if seen

Bloodied Cross

Liechtenauer copy
In search of Liechtenauer
Young knight learn:
His opening words
Epitome to become such
Germanic tradition of knightly war
Disciples within many a land
Spoken and written
Repeated as shown
Seek this way to the sword
In it you will find truth
The longsword in hand
So nimble and light
Follow this way
You will see through the fight
Many centuries passed
Under image and word
Pages washed in age
With so much to say
What I see when I look
Men who flash to life
Wielding only strife
They move with such strength
Immovable limb and fluid grace
Perfectly balanced in power
Words so easily understood
They said this yet truly said that
One must apply in the act
I never can match
What I see brought to life
Thus the path of an artist
Seek perfection for personal delight
Bloodied cross longsword so bright
Foundation of stone
Seek the epitome
Ages bound and noble
A truthful art
Awakened from slumber
The sword is lightening and thunder


Great Queen
Lady of Sky
You have been betrayed
From the moment you became locked in myth written
Created by hands of a slave
The imagery of you is blasphemy
From abrahamic romanticism a century past
To modern hypocrisy of those who look to you
Yet they would be terrified to walk your true path
You, great queen
A lady from distant isles
Recorded under lands across the sea
You are more than they say
You are enlightenment in female one
Warriors bound to your will
Magic yours to command
Beauty and fertility bestowed upon the land
Only the hanged one to match you
You are an eminence from the time you ruled
Yet your myth recorded is under pretense and agenda
How dare a woman be such amongst slaves
Yet deep in the past things were much differently
Your name is beyond what they say
The crow who flies
The magic that causes battle to sway
The fierce eyed and lovely hipped
Desire for such is every mans back felt whip
To invoke you is to bring about One
Your path is the moon and sun
Poetic Frenzy in one culture
Is the pair if the unknowing care
Do not be enslaved by one mans texts
A blessing yet a curse it is
He was under the enslaved hex
True words are read twice as long
First understand the long dead heart song
Looking upon your broken image
Is a modern mirage
They must see your rightful place
Believing you are bound to one time and culture
What a disgrace
Trickled to a time of matrilineal society
That was the way of many a land
The modern mind of both sexes can not understand
I final name upon you placed
The Great Lady they called you
Your last written place
Yet today we have awoken
From the slavery of man broken
A thousand years of terror
Perhaps we will see their error
Mighty Queen
Goddess of War
Sorceress Supreme
Fertility in abundance
Beauty none could imagine gleamed
Enlightenment and Oneness your path
Call the warriors back torward
Pledged we are to move forward

The Challenge


The duel is not a fight
The duel is a hunt
I will stalk
I will mislead
We will clash when I choose
Running and frolicking you will be
The slow and heavy will simply be a laugh
One touch will be deadly
Simply a glance
At distance extreme
Only three inches I need
To severe your life
To destroy your play
Three inches or less
The thrust
Or the shortest of strike
Yet bind and you will find the serpent
Poisonous bite not to be countered
Gasping for breath never to come again
Dislodged that throat is so tender
Hearing to never return
Ears you will envy
Blindness upon you
Eyes do not take for granted
Never to smell and taste with ease
Openings upon face be careful indeed
Never again to walk upon that knee
These are the targets I see
Never again will you be able to mate
With your threat you opened the gate
Tens thousand times practiced
Made to something one cannot understand
For one time used sincerely
So much fire that hardened within
I cannot explain my vision put to practice
I am an artist
I see things other do not
My sight to paint
Is my sight to see and cause pain
The two are twins
I care nothing of fancy
I care nothing of visual delight
I care nothing to control center ring
The perimeter I hunt
The targets are few and simple
All bring death and injury unhealable
For that is the only truth my hands know
No sport and no false grapple
A split second of action and all is decided
I am untouchable at your will
The front I will not fight
Your flank will be your horrible plight
Drawn out is the fool with ego
My instincts my only tool
Never a movement repeated
Form is nothing
Yet everywhere I am something
Here and then there
A shadow a ghost
Nothing to fight
A wolf who hunts in the night
The hunt and the fight are the same
Patient yet frenzied I play
Never will I be still
Project magic to make your opponent ill
The fire the rage
The fangs thirst for blood
The smallest of touch
The smallest of kiss
And death will be your final bliss