The Challenge


The duel is not a fight
The duel is a hunt
I will stalk
I will mislead
We will clash when I choose
Running and frolicking you will be
The slow and heavy will simply be a laugh
One touch will be deadly
Simply a glance
At distance extreme
Only three inches I need
To severe your life
To destroy your play
Three inches or less
The thrust
Or the shortest of strike
Yet bind and you will find the serpent
Poisonous bite not to be countered
Gasping for breath never to come again
Dislodged that throat is so tender
Hearing to never return
Ears you will envy
Blindness upon you
Eyes do not take for granted
Never to smell and taste with ease
Openings upon face be careful indeed
Never again to walk upon that knee
These are the targets I see
Never again will you be able to mate
With your threat you opened the gate
Tens thousand times practiced
Made to something one cannot understand
For one time used sincerely
So much fire that hardened within
I cannot explain my vision put to practice
I am an artist
I see things other do not
My sight to paint
Is my sight to see and cause pain
The two are twins
I care nothing of fancy
I care nothing of visual delight
I care nothing to control center ring
The perimeter I hunt
The targets are few and simple
All bring death and injury unhealable
For that is the only truth my hands know
No sport and no false grapple
A split second of action and all is decided
I am untouchable at your will
The front I will not fight
Your flank will be your horrible plight
Drawn out is the fool with ego
My instincts my only tool
Never a movement repeated
Form is nothing
Yet everywhere I am something
Here and then there
A shadow a ghost
Nothing to fight
A wolf who hunts in the night
The hunt and the fight are the same
Patient yet frenzied I play
Never will I be still
Project magic to make your opponent ill
The fire the rage
The fangs thirst for blood
The smallest of touch
The smallest of kiss
And death will be your final bliss

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