Bloodied Cross

Liechtenauer copy
In search of Liechtenauer
Young knight learn:
His opening words
Epitome to become such
Germanic tradition of knightly war
Disciples within many a land
Spoken and written
Repeated as shown
Seek this way to the sword
In it you will find truth
The longsword in hand
So nimble and light
Follow this way
You will see through the fight
Many centuries passed
Under image and word
Pages washed in age
With so much to say
What I see when I look
Men who flash to life
Wielding only strife
They move with such strength
Immovable limb and fluid grace
Perfectly balanced in power
Words so easily understood
They said this yet truly said that
One must apply in the act
I never can match
What I see brought to life
Thus the path of an artist
Seek perfection for personal delight
Bloodied cross longsword so bright
Foundation of stone
Seek the epitome
Ages bound and noble
A truthful art
Awakened from slumber
The sword is lightening and thunder

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