Star Gazer

I am Earth
I am the mountain
He who is immovable
Confident and ready
Belonging and empowering
I am he of path’s beginning
Silence and stillness are strength
I am Water
I am the crashing wave
I recede and come again
Passion kindled, emotion and fear
She who will cause you to feel bare
For human you are
Convert this power to project oh so far
I am Fire
The blazing arrow unstopped
I am he of passion ignited
Frenzy of forms uncounted
I rush and pace
I will see no disgrace
He who is king
I am Wind
The mothers lullaby upon the breeze
She of compassion
A flower blooming and moist
I am soundful and soft
My touch heals even hate
Follow my way never to late
I am the voice who speaks pure and strange
I am the eye that sees no other eye
We are the nothing found in everything
Followed by something true found
We are the crowned King and Queen
Oneness upon shoulders
Star glowing if seen

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