Polite Conversation

How do I speak
How do I show
The feeling I contain
Another may not know
This is why so aloof I am
So difficult to track
How do I write
That words between us are empty
Us together is unwanted play
It is difficult to look upon you
For your eyes are an open book
One I care not to read
For I wish to remain pure
I desire my own pages
These words I speak I hear as if listening
For I am elsewhere far
A place you cannot follow
I speak small things in flesh
To keep your voice away and astray
Yet each time I am amongst you
It is nothing but a simple act
For to know is to capture
To understand is to bring contempt
In that it is best to stay away or be silent
I speak empty words for your unthoughtful content
Yet my tree is ripe with sweetened fruit
I invite any to eat and speak
First humble step must be your own
Thus we all have a tree that must be grown
My truth will bring you death
A death that must be earned
Thus my words are empty
I am far far away when so near
For I dream of the mountain that burns in the night
The soaring wings beating the winds
The crow who visits my window
The fey who laugh and play at my door
I dream the majesty of moon and stars
Of fair maiden’s pagan song upon the breeze
Of the secret the forest will grant me this evening
Memories of passion and life long past
So keenly felt by empty hands that can not touch
I am away in distant lands
Lands you may not enter
I wish to take you with me
Far away across the realms
It is my lament you are wingless
And thus you must stay
This is why my words are empty
It is best for us all
For there is no were to begin
When I see your eyes
Quickly I will cause words to end

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