Red King, why do you wage such war
War upon yourself, war upon your neighbors?

I war upon myself, for at times I am weak
I have no neighbors, It is they with war who seek
Enemies are many in this life and that
White Queen, why do you sit in such peace?

For I have no enemies
I know enemies are created from self
What do you seek as you seek
What is it you wish to obtain
Come sit in the meadow of scent
Bathe in the whispering flowers 
This is only time lent

For I walk a life that will be
Yet only in deed and thought
He who has much has much to give
Both within and without this is
No, many men know little
They create enemies in I for I
I wish to sit with you
Yet I still live
You speak of bliss when I die

Bliss may be found in life
Forgive them you hate
Save yourself much strife
Yes you must act as one must
For touchable we are
Too many feel bladed aura
Seek compassion
Feel the bliss which stands with life

Yes you speak true
So many I cast away
I seek solitude
For every man will betray
Let us be true
You exist such as I protect
Left alone ravaged plunder will be you
Such is the way of enemies
So unfortunately true
The ego lead by unknown belief
This world has lived and lives
Unknowable grief

Truth and half truth you speak
Far distant from I
Tortured and high torturer you will be
For you live in life
For that I am thankful
Thus I give you delight
Yet my way digs deeper and higher it flies
I live in eternity
That which is bliss beyond and beyond bliss
Living can be a mans curse
His life curse is for this
A life all will miss

Then my curse I shall seek
In it I will have knowing
That my way will come betrayed
Yet if I listen to the wild bay
The truth within hidden
I will find my way
And life will continue
For that is what I seek
Life trades life
Blood will draw the knife

In you I find life sparked and bright
The river will run free
Understand the water breathes
That it may live with peace and giving
Yet in it’s torment take away
Listen to the river
For it’s way forces a lingering astray
Indeed we are the flowing water
Inseparable though you wander
Unbreakable though I love

Together we will walk
Walk as two and one
In that our way will stay
Immovable and of constant travel
A luminous night and shadowy day

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