The Werewolf

This day will be a day of peace
This day will be content
I will tolerate their presence
I will listen to their chatter
I will walk in silence

You will not
You know I speak truth
The crowds will cause rage
Their rudeness will bring me out
Let me rear my head
Release me from the cage of your will
How amusing
Choose to remain and to rot
I know you will not

You too speak truth
Yet I will keep you at bay
There is much to be done this day
Short solemn words
Will keep them and you away
Yes you have brought me far
Yet much suffering is your price
Your rage is made of ice

Do not let them act with hate
Do not let arrogant fools speak
Speak with false law protected strength
How different it could be
Do you not remember our old ways?
Stop being weak
Take their heads again
Feast on their flesh
Take what you wish
Look how easy it would be
Oh so easy to see

Blood is no longer the way here
Honour is long dead
I cannot take
My own bread I must bake 
Both silence and words are as we walk
I will keep at distance
I despise to hear them talk
I despise the truth in their eyes
Therefore a shadow will be I

Take off my collar
Shift shape!
Let’s make this path short
Tear off your clothing
It only brings self loathing
Howl and be free
Break them all
Watch them fall
The pleasure is worth it
Savour the blood of those bit
The world no longer needs heroes
Villains we need
For their heroes are corrupt
They walk every street
It is you they will eat
Civilization is worth only contempt
Look at their metal boxes
Speeding this way and that
How foolish and hateful they act
Look at what they praise
Look at who they choose to lead
Genocide is their creed
Look at the filth of their culture
Today men turn their back on pack
For it means nothing
Those who judge you most
Look at how they work
Only slavery for another to be able to boast
They feel protected
By nothing but nothing
They do not deserve your peace
Go forth and show them something
Bite as you wish
With blood fill your dish
For they are nothing but cattle
Just babies crying and throwing a rattle
They believe what they are told
Indoctrinated by servitude
Trained to be slaves
From a very young age
To fight those who see beyond an age
Crush their ways of servitude
Destroy their ways of weak insult
Their misjudging of strength
They abuse this world and their own blood
Therefore show them no love
Howl deep in the night
Let them feel your bite
Look at your bent and broken swords
Why did this happen?
Look at your equipment destroyed
I did this
For too long I am caged
Give in to the blood filled rage
What do you have to say?


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