Fierce When Roused


Misty moors and rolling hills
Pipes loud and haunting once played
When the highlands were wild
Untamed and free
The clanns fought for honour slighted
With fury and ferocity
The lands of shire in Perth
Princes of royal Dál Riata
From a long lost day
Supporters of Bruce
Lovers of freedoms way
There sat Grizzled Raibeirt
Chieftain, high father
In constant low growl
Mans foolishness caused a constant scowl
Supporter of the true crown
With fire and sword
He will hunt you down
With king and ally murdered
Assassin’s of shadow and deceit
The chieftains rage brought forth
The sword immediately unsheathed
For doves of peace are the clann
Yet hiding in plain sight red serpent is
Fierce when roused is this land
Wolves of silver will make their stand
With trusted lairds gathered to thee
Summon the hounds
Bring forth the chains
The wild hunt is calling me
A king is to be avenged
The purest of hunt
The hunt of men
At full gallop faster than wind
Prey is found
Beaten and broken
Striped naked and chained
Your road is long ahead
Your only wish is you were dead
Dragged to crown and widowed queen
Justice brought forth
Honour shining and seen
The price of treason
Tortured and slain
Praises and honour given to our name
For many times we will act and say
Glory is the reward of valour
Let all clanns know our way


Photo: Coat of Arms in Progress.
Robertson Art Gallery, Williamsburg VA, 2012

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