Your Range Is Off

Your range is way off
In nearly every fight and duel I see
Your range is way off
Time to re-train
Do not look to sports
These are horrible ways to duel with life and blade
Look how often they are hit
A mistake that can not be made
Look how they roll about the ground
Yet the truest film shows submissions become stab-fests
On the street they always do
A wake up call to watch
Something to give you true thought
Do not rush to a quick death
There is no such thing as an exchange of bladed blows
You will be cut and stabbed
No man is quick enough to always go toe to toe
None are quick enough to have an unpenetrable defense
That is fantasy and theatrical ways
A martial arts event with aluminum shiny display
Speed is not the Way
Therefore attack were there is no defense
Stop and measure the lines
Here you reach him yet you are not reached
This is simple to teach
Yet never think of numbers or math
It must be felt from within
Recheck your training and pace of your fight
Sometimes go soft
Sometimes go hard
For everyman should move such a way
It will make him hurt with deathly groan
It will make her warm with heartfelt moan
So, with hand and with mind
I just want you to know
Your range is so far off
You do not come ready to fight
Only live on the time your opponent now loans
When blade is in hand
There is no such thing as a swing
That is the key to mastery
Arcs are long foolish thing
The same when hand is empty
Never make a fist
Strong as metal must be your hands
Poking and tearing are the twist
Take away take away
Nearly all that you see
No movie no star
No acrobatics or knee higher kicks
No broski sports
Do not look at the screen
No belts or fancy costumes
No teachers who have nothing to show but technique
For they do not wish you to see
How easy on them one can land a blow
Step onto the dirt
Be shown again and again how quickly you die
Eventually you will see
Nearly all fight forms are a lie
A bag of tricks and display
Taking advantage of those who only play

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