Lose Quickly!

Hurry up and lose!
Thus all fear must pass away
Lose quickly
Return to fight another day
Thus is reality:
You will lose more than you will win
A fleeting thing victory is
You must bleed first
To break ego’s curse
I did not come here to win
I came to fail
For a failure I have been
Yet in that is my success
I seek to be put to the test
This must be known
This must be sown
What failure I have seen
What risk I have gambled
What dirt I have tasted
Feel the sting of loss
From the mountainside you are tossed
The furious solitude
The shame of defeat
The embarrassment of pride cast down
How can I show my face
When I feel as a disgrace
Oh, sacred blade
Blood upon skin
Heals pain within
For anger you must transcend
Only then will misery end
Lose quickly!
Once I could only think of victory
Yet victory was not welcoming
For victory only leads to dread
Fear of failure is one mislead
In losing, The Way is found
It is to root you to the ground
All the attempts
To satisfy egos content
Nothing and no one cares for you!
This knowledge will see you through
This day I seek to fall and fail
In order to truly rise one last time
Thus my eternal strength to stand
My silent will to prevail

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