Thou Unknown God

The Hunter hunts!
The Wind blows!
You fools!
Do you not hear it?!
Do you not feel it?!
We have felt Your presence
The frenzied-storm
Raging storm-wind
Unknown to him
I know you!
The fury of our people
Yet clouded and unknown
They do not see the fury has come again
The river rushes free once more
They feel it without question
Tyrants and false idols have awakened you
Our peoples minds are polluted and enslaved
The backlash of silent genocide is coming
The backlash is beginning!
Begin with fire, burn every page!
Your slumber has been too long!
We call upon you oh mighty huntsman!
Let your burning anger destroy false doctrine
Filthy doctrines of insecurity and slavery
Cast down lies
Cast down our weakness
Burn our heavy veils
Unify us…
Ride with us…
We! Your Hounds of the Wild Hunt!!!
We hear the winds!
Your mighty horn echoing!
It is spreading unknown and masked
Soon, it will be a wildfire of purity
Soon they will know!
Rise oh sleeping children!
Rise to your destiny!

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