Different Breed

We are the silence
We are the abyss
The ones who do not speak
Never speaking of self
Eyes that you will trust
Trust me, I will not fail you
Eyes that remain at distant
Eyes that speak a quiet threat
Camaraderie is weakness for us
We care nothing of the feasting hall
The sharing of masculinity
All walls are our cage
All men our disruption
Our temple is the sky
The moon and stars our ceiling
The mist’s breath in our lungs
The smells of the wild
The shrieking of crows
The howling of wolves
The distant feeling
Constantly pulling our souls
Keep hunting
You will find
The desire
We do not see you
We see the horizon
A rare breed
In plain sight I stand
Yet you do not see me until close
No, I am not a statue
I startled you
For I sit in stillness and silence
My energy a black hole
Concealed in plain sight
A statue that comes to life
Pay attention
We do not take command
For we stand with the highest authority
We know what must be done
We do it viscously in silence
Cold heart
Heart aflame
We operate alone
For others bring disruption
When we come together
The unification of whom we serve
Danger, danger
Lone wolves hunt as pack
A different breed
We eternally hunt
We eternally seek
The wanderer in shadow
The eater of suns
The hunter of hunts

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