Freya’s Love

Empty words I speak
Sweetless honey you taste
A burning heart
Displayed in a cage of ice
How could I describe such?
No edges
Snow mist my eye feasts
Flowers scent upon every breeze
Transparent touch aroused never seen
Why does the mist call me so?
The scent
The sound in the distance
My empty words
Freya’s love

New Fianna

With thought and knowledge
Know who you look towards
Know what you look towards
What future do you see
Look to the sun
Look to the moon
Tie yourself to mast
Do not fall under genocidal swoon
This land is in desperate need
Of the Fianna of deed
For once such words echoed
Our hearts are pure
Our limbs are strong
Our words are actions carved
Hear her
Hear her
The Crow who cries from the mist
She beckons you forward
She wails
The Fianna will be many
The bright one has come again
A new beginning
A new end

Undying Kings

I see you
I understand our eyes
Why so hard?
Why so distant?
For that is this life
The rest is no one’s business…
Yet, I see more
I see your heart
I see your compassion
Rarely spoken
In action
I see into your darkness
In it I see a sun
I see your compassion
I see many kings