The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt!
The Wild Hunt!
What frenzied ecstasy it is
Do you feel it?
The stampeding horns
The rush of energy cultivated and earned
Wildfire burning your spine
So few have felt the energy of God
The moment you open your eyes
Heart ever burning
Passion barely contained
Chest feels as it will explode
Head to burst
Pace pace pace
The hunt is not a feeling of grace
Hunger hunger hunger
Blood and heart
Blood and muscle
More desired
Always hunger
Body consuming itself
Fasting is not our way
Leave that for those who simply sit
No place to go but stay
Crush crush crush
The way he walks
Only death could stop
Anxiety given to those who bluff
A feeling inside that cannot change
Auras of a silent charge and rage
Needles piercing all beta males
Self claimed alphas take it worse
For masks are ripped away
Like prey to be made a meal
Their false power easy to steal
Squirming and worming
Were now are words of strength?
Never think another man cares!
A trigger to womankind
Few understand why
We are made of simple hormones
Controlled around such energy
An unsuccessful try
Cause and effect
A stream seen simply through the Eye
A thirst that never dies
Sweat Sweat Sweat
For there is no other way
When the wild hunt is upon you
There is no such thing as the stray
Win and conquer
The Hunters mark
Eyes that see through the dark
Upon you
Upon you
The Frenzied One comes
The huntsmen following so few
Here to take
Here to make
Here to create and stay
The world is so strange a place
Many a path leads to disgrace
All will want to see you fall
All will want to see you small
A truth as night and day
Many will seek to cast you from your way
In confidence and truth one stands
The great hunt is one path straight
An arrow swift
A shining gift
God’s energy to stride a world so stark
The flaming torch to pierce the dark

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