Tread Carefully

For any who call their walk an art
With great care tread
With great care choose
With great care
Whose soul touches yours?
That is:
With whom do you share?
Whom do you share energy?
For when one exchanges such a thing
Blessing or taint
Taint or blessing
Every breath effects the artist true
Therefore often
Seek solitude
Seek not blessing or taint
For you will be both
Both to the self of one
Bless and taint one’s self
For in that is the artist pure
What is this art?
Do not cage it
Art is only created from creator
Yet only through outside eye exists
Every breath effects his and hers
Every breath shared
Be careful with whom you share
Taint or blessing
Blessing or taint
Never ask to share
Never ask permission
For you will be changed
You will be changed by another’s will
Whom do you choose?
Share carefully
Only an artist if one shares

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