Full Moon
Full Sun
The night glowing whole
The day with no queen
Night of the goddess
Day of the god
Cycle of self
Cycle of life
For what does such bring?
When full moon does shine
I come to her with praise upon lips
I sing a whispering myth
Therefore know peace
Know gratitude
Rhythm of realms
Magic to know all
Nothing withheld
But what say you when?
I come with burning tongue
Lightning and thunder sung
The fury will come
The shifting of heart
The blood soaked long curse
When silver pulls whole
Come with her heart
Such is the rite
Endless is the night
What of the day that has no moon
Day of the sun
Day of the groom
I come with fire
Passion my desire
Blessed will I be
Ruler of hearts
For all to openly see
Yet when I come with beauty
Beware does my root
I fall to vanity
For who can match such insanity?
Grace and bliss
To any who would feel my kiss
When golden blood runs free
The day of only sun
Does One not feel the tides?
Or does one hide
Hide from self
Never knowing true wealth
But for You
You who feels all sides
Feel the cycle
The endless Title
The Night of All Silvers
The Day of All Fires

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