Pathless Path

One must cut ties
This path
This title
It is not one spoken
It is not one worn
You are named by default
For that is what we have always been
Created with no other name
Isolation and shadow is our home
Severe ties with the known
For every outside thought is one corrupt
For who could share
For who could care
To all men you must turn your back
Flee from the city
Flee from the concrete
Seek the immortal grove of oak
Blind your eyes cover your ears
The already dead most not be touched
Do not be controlled by the religion of media
You seem so guilty, no?
Television is forbidden
Do not look upon these whores
Paid only for your lust
Watched only because of self disgust
Walk away
A baby step for those thus lost
Do not listen
For such filth does glisten
Do not listen to radio sound
Nothing heard is timeless
It belongs in the ground
So much to say
Not to be heard by wandering ears
So I have thus spoken in basic
To keep away the near
You believe you have friends?
All will eventually end
Save the few who thus stand true
Do not read upon subject as written
This false and the costumed play
The hidden face
The true disgrace
Seek the timeless tomes
Understand if this is your home
No family will accept one so named
To name yourself is a false claim
For if your seed you truly sow
Without a word
All will know
You believe one should be accepted?
This path is only walked by those rejected
Again and again with no end
For this is what we are
Keep true work secret
True art hidden
For it will reveal itself in time
For the mysterious ways are truth
No result when so displayed
All the tools be careful with
For they may lead you astray
No power in word and this way movement
The true result come from silent unmoving will
Be so careful with what you read
Who you share
For others thoughts are ill
A pathless path
Peer into the glass
For one may disappear
Or perhaps in shadow of melting wax
One may see true face
Perhaps you walk a mistaken path
Yet what was that?
What face peered back
Who is this I have been?
True nature revealed
Nothing concealed
A long lost myth
My secret gift

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