Witches’ Boon

You have stroked my fire
Invoked is my desire
I wish to taste your honeyed lips
Summoned by your swaying hips
I wish to consume your flesh so soft
Tightly grip your hips aloft
To lick your salted skin
Every inch and within
To eat the nectar of your flower
Swollen and ripe from my power
The shadows are deep this night
It is true, sometimes I bite
To taste your blood
To offer my love
To hold you down and take your hair
Look into your eyes so bare
I want to feel you wild and free
Only for me to see
Feel the pressure and rhythmic force
Allow the tides to run their course
Howling as she wolf of night
Below silver moon shining bright
Let your river run so free
No dam can hold back thee
Relax and moan
Sowed spirit flown
Pour forth your essence
Bare is your presence
This night I bind you to my will
Of your nectar I take my fill
Quiver and shake
Ecstasy for such sake
Take my power deep inside
Consumed within you is my pride
This night under blessed full moon
This night of the witch’s boon

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