Valkyrie’s Touch

Under white moon so bright
Lost eyes of misty sight
I wished upon a shooting star
Oh so distant, Oh so near
What is this
I see and hear
A singing ghost
A wordless host
Here I lie
Wounded in bed
My dog sits with love
Waiting to be led
As we do, to run and play
I apologize my only friend
For I must stay
Too much blood will be lost
I have already payed the cost
Thus I have kept
Blessed hammer near
To cast away infection
To have no fear
My heart it yearns
To rejoin the hunt wild
The horns blow afar
I feel as a left behind child
Yet promised to circle the star
Promised I am to rejoin the ride
The cavalcade will never be far
A lesson was humbly sent
Allfather’s power divinely lent
Never take for granted the walk
I would trade and never again talk
As a defender of Malta
With sword in hand
Crippled we sit wounded
To make valiant last stand
Or of the time
When named the Hound
Last act: tied standing to rock
As to not fall to the ground
Yet a light in the darkness
Came to heal starkness
For three nights
Valkyries visited dream
To ease wounded mind
Blood of my kind
Blessing the lame
For that is I
The one with No Name
So long ago was different
What of me became?
Upon my path
Beauty she shined
Inspired poetry nameless
I feel less weak, less blind
Thank you for coming
I have not felt fine
Such words of a flower
Have inspired my power
I will walk again soon
Soon is the hour
The eye of the storm
I must remain
Yet when I return
The winds will never
Never again be the same!
Oh, the Tempest’s power
Soon, soon is the hour

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