Ancient Promises

So often they say:
Your manner is strange
Are you from this land?

I am from many lands
Upon Nine Worlds I stand
Here and There I stare
Thus you are forced to glare

How often they ask:
The golden hair of your head
Is it real?

It is only an illusion
Separation from delusion
The roots of Yggdrasil grow deep
Ancient promises to keep

Mead and Mushrooms

Peace or war?
Peace or war?
You have been warned
Turn back and flee
The wolves have come for thee
Mead and mushrooms
Mead and mushrooms
Countless our warriors have
A song of war never sad
Gifted sight
Gifted might
The chant begins the dance
Full moon night
Howling plight
The chant begins the dance
Blood laced mead
Battle greed
Frenzy stoked
Fearless gods invoked
Consume the shroom
God’s sight bloomed
Lines of battle
Beautifully displayed
Patterned guide
Frenzied mind
Joyous in fury
Such is our glory
Endless our story
Raise the banner
Banner of serpent wolf
The howling song
Legend never gone

Words of Wotan

I hung from the Tree of Storms
Nine days, nine nights
Pierced by a spear, dedicated to Wotan
Self sacrificed to Self
High upon the Hidden Tree
Roots grow to Eternity.
Alone and empty
I peered into the Void
With great anguish I took the Runes
Only then did I return.