Pilgrim Astray

Many walk
Many talk
Never the same
Never the same way
In a strangers eyes
Memories are always astray
Yet I ask
What has guided this stay?
The Way
The Way
Please never stray
For many feel
Many deal
Blood Fire
Anguished desire
Desire for what?
None may say
Fire for what?
Why such?
No ones business this day
Yet fire must be tamed
Or you will forever feel flayed
Thus face this task
The Spirit does ask
The Way will show you the way
The darkest intent
Must be spent
Thus the light
Eternally lent
One must train for the Way
Woman and man
Equal to understand
One is lost and dismayed
Thus find blissful sword
The one promised word
The Leaves
The Leaves will show the Way
I will be there
Walking somewhere
Come now, please stay
My sword hand is yours
Pilgrim astray
Come, let us walk together
Upon lonely Way

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