The Morrígan’s Call

I invoke thee this night
Come now, aid my sight
Great Queen of moon
Blood flower in ever bloom
I offer you my flowing blood
With this I vow eternal love
Soaring raven ever free
Into the mist I ask to see
Grant me your power
This eternal hour
Guide my soul from threshold of death
I give to you my last breath
To rise your champion of the earth
This right alone is my new birth
I offer you my flowing blood
I offer my eternal love
It is I, your ever hound
To ever rise when fallen to the ground
To ride upon your soaring wings
For you, the warriors proudly sing
Great Queen of realms afar
Your mystic touch a shining star
True Lady shadowed bright
You have cleared my bloody sight
Broken halves you made whole
Healing what humanity stole
I offer you this blade of black
Give me strength if that I lack
I offer my sweat, all my fire
For your blessing is my desire
From this circle I summon thee
Travel the roots of eternal tree
Hungry crow cry your song
This sacred hour forever long
Blessed blade blackened steel
Destroy the weakness that I feel
This shadowed hour
I call your power
I offer you this flowing blood
I offer you eternal love


The Morrígan


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