Shadow Fey

I am called Du Sith
My sword I do give
This day I curse
Those who are not to live
For our paths have crossed
The die have been tossed
Our wills desire the same
Today one will lose name
Thus I have travelled
Fate thus unravelled
It is better to have me with you
Than have us against you
Never wise is such a decision
We kill with precision
I am named Du Sith
I have crossed the great rift
No name escapes my will
Corpses only still
I will quickly depart
Share not my art
With done deed
Planted fear born seed
Fear not
I will not remain
You may continue to rot
Return to the lame
Do not feel threat
I care nothing of your debt
I have come as the Will
To take Our fill
Only here this day
I will keep your armies fear at bay
A name has been given
My sword thus driven
Never again to draw breath
No escape, even in death
I offer my sword
Blood is my word
If ever You are upon the List
Your life will no longer exist
Yet this day
I offer my hand
Come now
Let us stand

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