Otherworldly Host

Wandering forest
Pitch black and night
A glow in the distance
Caught in my sight
How strange a thing this could be
A light is a stranger
Perhaps a threat to me
Too deep in the night
To not offer fight
As sight grows near
Sweet melody I hear
An ethereal sight
So dark
Yet so bright
Greetings known stranger
She casts to my way
I offer no danger
Fair night silver lady
Night of the day
I must ask
What led you my way
Come, Come now one of delight
A feast awaits
A feast of much sight
Follow quite quickly
I lead the way
Come, come, night of the day
To eternal tree
Gates none may see
Travel the roots
No need for harsh boots
Leap over the hedge
The world beyond edge
Misty music her song
Come now, do not feel long
For the feast awaits
What a blessed date
The candle light aglow
Come now, feel no low
Plate of desire
Cup ever of fire
Good company shared
A pleasure glared
A toast to the lady fair
Yet I know not who I stare
Asked what is your name
I am the Queen of Elphame
She silently spoke
Lady of misty fire stoked
For you, an ever host
Sometimes, a wandering ghost
Drink well and eat deep
This land grants blissful sleep
Blessings I send this night
My host welcomes you
You, forever bright

Strider of Fire

One spear echoes to sky of birth
One spear roots to pierce the earth
Wolf of night
Silvered helm one eyed bright
Drink of lightning consumed
This fire brings no doom
Howl of echoing strength
Wounding held at length
Feet are strong
Intent stretched long
Confidence one must walk
Silence one must talk
Rite of fire
Wolf is dire
Fire stride
Bare skin ride
A small test
Hidden from the rest
At times a mystery it can be
The most powerful secret none may see
Bare skinned dance
Wolves last chance
Eyes that blunt ones sword
Stealing ones will without a word
Two spears are the rite
True wolves howl this night


Norse shield I created several years ago.

The Morrígan’s Call

I invoke thee this night
Come now, aid my sight
Great Queen of moon
Blood flower in ever bloom
I offer you my flowing blood
With this I vow eternal love
Soaring raven ever free
Into the mist I ask to see
Grant me your power
This eternal hour
Guide my soul from threshold of death
I give to you my last breath
To rise your champion of the earth
This right alone is my new birth
I offer you my flowing blood
I offer my eternal love
It is I, your ever hound
To ever rise when fallen to the ground
To ride upon your soaring wings
For you, the warriors proudly sing
Great Queen of realms afar
Your mystic touch a shining star
True Lady shadowed bright
You have cleared my bloody sight
Broken halves you made whole
Healing what humanity stole
I offer you this blade of black
Give me strength if that I lack
I offer my sweat, all my fire
For your blessing is my desire
From this circle I summon thee
Travel the roots of eternal tree
Hungry crow cry your song
This sacred hour forever long
Blessed blade blackened steel
Destroy the weakness that I feel
This shadowed hour
I call your power
I offer you this flowing blood
I offer you eternal love


The Morrígan


Pilgrim Astray

Many walk
Many talk
Never the same
Never the same way
In a strangers eyes
Memories are always astray
Yet I ask
What has guided this stay?
The Way
The Way
Please never stray
For many feel
Many deal
Blood Fire
Anguished desire
Desire for what?
None may say
Fire for what?
Why such?
No ones business this day
Yet fire must be tamed
Or you will forever feel flayed
Thus face this task
The Spirit does ask
The Way will show you the way
The darkest intent
Must be spent
Thus the light
Eternally lent
One must train for the Way
Woman and man
Equal to understand
One is lost and dismayed
Thus find blissful sword
The one promised word
The Leaves
The Leaves will show the Way
I will be there
Walking somewhere
Come now, please stay
My sword hand is yours
Pilgrim astray
Come, let us walk together
Upon lonely Way