Art is spirit
Art is the invocation of spirit
Of feeling
One buried within viewer
Cast away
Buried by self and all
Buried so small
A spell
Cast from the heart of creator
Of power?
Power uncorrupted
Volcano erupted
A fleeting feeling
The stars are no ceiling
Forever left once viewed
The world in a drop of dew
Of desire?
What more is dire
Not of the whore
Of wings that do soar
A nobility to never be felt
Steel never the same once smelt
A flower
Fall’s misty shower
Rooted to ground
Upon moon one pounds
Once touched
Why have you always walked crutched?
Of serenity?
As the still wind in movement
Sound of infinity
Of the crying hawk in sleep
Of horns sounded in the deep
Never to be felt
Once felt
True art
Lost art
Haunts one
Taunts one
Once viewed
Displayed shrewd
One believes in Ghosts
One now a host
Once felt
Cards have been dealt
Empty of self
Put ego upon shelf
For how can one self fill
When false spirit has spilled
Art is spirit
Effected when near it
A mystery to make
To truly create

Sword Saint

Sword Saint
Heart never faint
One of wild hair
Indomitable stare
Alpha smell
Give all men hell
Filthy attire
Courage to never retire
Cave dweller
Power queller
Sword of strife
Pen of life
For they all fall
Below you small
Elements at your command
Immortal is your stand
Sword of the flower
Forever your power
The Void thus revealed
The Void thus concealed
Show the Way
Name to forever stay
The Way of last cry
The Way of the Samurai


Great Father
It is finally You
I am a man possessed
My sanity broken
As was spoken
Any moment
My body to rip asunder
What is this I feel
The vessel you have prepared
To be ripped asunder
What is this I feel
The edge of all
The will to fall
Possess me
Never leave me empty
What is this wandered fate
This immortal date
Take me
Never to forsake me
Will to bleed
Final deed
Clenched teeth
Tear of eye
Take me
Upon the immortal ride
For the sake of glory
Our immortal story
Possess self
The only wealth