Daughter of Carpathia

Child of Carpathia
Daughter of Raven flight
Eyes shadowed as the night
What haunts your forest dark?
What unknown path does fork?
Crow of desire
Face of ancient choir
Invoked, I have to know more
Far away I knocked upon your door
Attached myself to unknown land
To learn what you understand
Spirit soared through the night
To a place of unknown sight
Chased I was by peasant mob
My life, they came to rob
Blade and fire
Death their desire
Through the forest
Thus one flees
Angry thoughts to turn
To slaughter all of thee
Do not turn and fight
Too many, only plight
Wolves they howled in distance far
Love they promised
You will not be scarred
Set upon the lynching hate
The wolves they came
Ecstatically slaughtered all the lame
A crimson sight of frenzied lust
Deathly sight, death of living-disgust
The beasts all at one time
Became man and woman
Never one blind
Come with us they spoke to me
Come, there is one to see
Through the path unknown
Upon the path of seeds sown
To a house of timber tree
Upon the a porch I did see
An ancient crone
Eyes well known
Tattered cloths
Song of crows
One lost to time and modern mind
One not named
To speak of such is a crime
She welcomed me by name
Spoke as one not quite sane
The name she spoke
A majestic tongue
Harsh and enchanting
I once heard sung
Yes, that is I
Though the name was new
Yet memory stirred
A name I knew
Yes, it is I, fire stoked
I have been many names
Though I have never spoke
A smile crossed her face
‘You are very long lived’
Come child
I have much to give
A song they began to play
Haunting and longing
To never stray
Spirit wandered oh so far
Every night, a shining star
Child of the forest deep
Daughter of Carpathia
You enchanted my sleep
Eternal blessings I send to you
To you, true mind
Beauty of unknown kind
To know that one exists
Makes time less blind
Time more kind
A joy you bring to my heart
You inspire magic
You inspire art

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