Lead and Copper

I am not moderate
I am an extremist
I am pure
I am thoroughly corrupted
Corrupted as all
Tainted by all
Therefore leave
Be silent
The age of dishonour
What is there?
My sister whispered:
I despise your stillness
Stampede about
Spit your fire though the abode
My river thus runs free
Give in to hate and rage
For what feeds such a thing
To give in
To give all
To never fall
What then
I have taken nothing within!?
For you have burnt without
Only within is then
What of the lead and copper
Names carved in darkness
What of the rusted
Axe blunted
Should I not hear her cry
Burn all without
Until thee have no doubt
Then all will be sane
Nothing will be lame
Then I shall leave!
Never to self deceive!
In nothing self is left
For you must be your own theft
What of the riddles of mist
A self that does not exist
You see and bleed
Of greed feel no greed
Endless I shall feed

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