I Am Druid

Keeper of time
Preserver of lore
Speaker of noble tales
Deeds that came before
Tongue of our spirit
Let no lie come near it
Know who we are
Know each our scar
This is our line
I will define
Our lost ways
I will not walk astray
Voice of our gods
I see through the fog
This is our legacy
Arise to your destiny
Teacher of arts
Come now, new start
Diviner of paths
Master of crafts
Sword hand of strength
Words reach great length
This is our soul
Take back what they stole
Speaker of law
Come, hear the call
Keeper of oak
Holy tree has spoke
Listen to words I say
Come again is our day
Remember the tribe
Walk away from life’s bribe
Cast down false spirit
Their lie, do not fear it
Summon the storms winds might
Legacy to be a sight
I am Druid
Voice of stone
Message a bedrock throne
Spirit of Fire
Heart of Oak ever dire

Oak Heart

Claws of very existence
Every thought this instant
Hand ever grasping soul
Never letting hold
Whisper never leaving ear
Riddles only to hear
Fire that burns heart
Promise of no end nor start
Shadow that never separates
Never recorded is this date
Wings that touch upon back high
Land that is always nigh
Wolf wandering shadowed tree
Song of ones none may see
Blades that cut walk
Strike that limits talk
Tree to find ever shade
Tales of roots that never fade
Axe that breaks all wood
Cycle to be understood
For often does the tree fall
Yet it’s heart still stands tall
Many seeds have been spread
Come again, One Star led
Hands bound capture
Broken bounds, now is the hour
Storms eye haunting spirit
Flight of far, not near it
Heart of Oak
Words She spoke
For often does tree fall
Heart to forever stand tall

Bride of My Blood

Before the time
Of Sun’s blood sent forth
Before the time
Waters took the north
Older still
Of the hunt and harvest
Take one’s full fill
When stone marked skin
An aspect she ruled
Ruled all within
Just as He
His aspect and She
For She is his sister
His sister and bride
One of same self
As sun is the moon
Moon is the sun
Life expressed pride
Womb of life
Womb of strife
Earth thus both, neither and all
No matter of star is ever small
For long she rules
Long her song sung
One has wandered forth
Eternal star of the north