I Am Druid

Keeper of time
Preserver of lore
Speaker of noble tales
Deeds that came before
Tongue of our spirit
Let no lie come near it
Know who we are
Know each our scar
This is our line
I will define
Our lost ways
I will not walk astray
Voice of our gods
I see through the fog
This is our legacy
Arise to your destiny
Teacher of arts
Come now, new start
Diviner of paths
Master of crafts
Sword hand of strength
Words reach great length
This is our soul
Take back what they stole
Speaker of law
Come, hear the call
Keeper of oak
Holy tree has spoke
Listen to words I say
Come again is our day
Remember the tribe
Walk away from life’s bribe
Cast down false spirit
Their lie, do not fear it
Summon the storms winds might
Legacy to be a sight
I am Druid
Voice of stone
Message a bedrock throne
Spirit of Fire
Heart of Oak ever dire

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