Oak Heart

Claws of very existence
Every thought this instant
Hand ever grasping soul
Never letting hold
Whisper never leaving ear
Riddles only to hear
Fire that burns heart
Promise of no end nor start
Shadow that never separates
Never recorded is this date
Wings that touch upon back high
Land that is always nigh
Wolf wandering shadowed tree
Song of ones none may see
Blades that cut walk
Strike that limits talk
Tree to find ever shade
Tales of roots that never fade
Axe that breaks all wood
Cycle to be understood
For often does the tree fall
Yet it’s heart still stands tall
Many seeds have been spread
Come again, One Star led
Hands bound capture
Broken bounds, now is the hour
Storms eye haunting spirit
Flight of far, not near it
Heart of Oak
Words She spoke
For often does tree fall
Heart to forever stand tall

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