Feast of Flowers

Goddess, I thirst
Goddess, I hunger
Weaken my body
Spirit healed to be godly
Of your nectar I thirst
For what flower blooms first?
Of warmth I desire
Blossom of ever fire
Burn through the night
Night of witch’s flight
Leave me empty
Stroke spirit gently
Goddess, of You I partake
Never to forsake

Blood Bride


Sister, to me speak
There is much I seek
Come brother, beside me lie
Together, we may die
I love the way you speak
Honeyed tongue does leak
Do not make harsh sound
Those already in the ground
Not of the fools
Words of vomit and drool
Pour your honey atop my heart
Purr of a grown start
Brother, do not despair
I worship the way you stare
Come, beside me stay
Let us end this day
I wish to stroke your hair
Come now, cease your stare

Sleepy Hollow

We call this Sleepy Hollow
A land sacredly hallow
For it is a quiet valley of forest
A silent chorus
A graveyard here and there
The hidden one thus near
So few travel through
Young tree that has grew
Around fire bright and stark
Stories whispered in the dark
Of goblins, witches and ghosts
Deep forest, ever host
Story true, story real
A rider upon your heel
Indeed, when moon is bright
Shining moon reveals sight
A rider comes upon the wind
A rider the Otherworld does send
Upon untravelled forest track
A hunter rides to make his pact
My eyes have thus burned
A soul that has learned
When owl sings sorrow’s song
Through the night wind howls long
A galloping from distance comes near
God’s eyes through you stare

Silent Eyes

Good Day to you
Strangers near and far
Across this remote forest valley deep
Upon this land of blissful sleep
Kind neighbors who share this blessed land
A silent path few understand
We hear and see each other near
Peer to the sun, to not have fear
Cast ones eyes upon same star
So close, yet so far
I respect the way you choose to live
So isolated, yet so much you give
Our paths are not the same
Yet no one here is of the lame
Our paths may twist and rarely meet
Yet good day to you, merry greet
Good sisters who left behind what world stole
For here we walk the path of souls
I enjoy the sound of ringing bells
To mark the day
Rise one who fell
I hear your voice across wild divide
Yet your stone fortress hides my eye
I sight in a window rare
Yet I often feel you stare
How fairs your springtime seeds
What sight your harvest feeds
For you follow he, natures friend
His feminine disciple, poverty led
In Winters death
The end of Falls breath
Upon your hill I am plain to see
A strange appearance
With certainty
I blaze a raging fire bright
A beacon of Otherworldly delight
Our dogs we hear chase and play
Just as humans of the same day
Upon the wind I oft hear you speak
Many sound so youthful and meek
Ever away yet so full of life
I understand you left this world
This world of strife
How strange I must be at times
As I howl so deep
In to the sky so high
For your great bell ever rings
As my howl too does ever sing
All differences cast away
We each sing
Sing of a king