Eternal Table

The Table Round is not of wood
For you have thus misunderstood
Built only of flesh and blood
Crafted of eternal love
Do you not see?
For eternity it will be
An ancient promise of nobility
An ancient oath of sanctity
A king again to be crowned
Born from a world thus drowned
A promise for you and I
To lift the veil from our eye
For I am the Crown of king long lost
The Isle’s mist has been crossed
I am Lancelot’s strong hand
Eternal guardian of the land
I am the purity of Galahad
Come be healed, do not be sad
I am Gareth’s secret concealed
Hooded peasant to be revealed
I am Gawain’s promise kept
Awoken is one who slept
I am Percival’s innocence tossed
Crimson river to be crossed
I am Tristan’s haunting song
Bleeding heart of mist long gone
I am Merlin’s single eye
Eternal oath to never die
I am betrayal of nephew and son
Mordred’s heart I do not shun
Noble Dragon again rears head
The knights gather to be lead
Quest again to find the Grail
Eternity to seek, we shall not fail
Her Beauty brings forth the Sword
To summon oath of eternal word
This is for I, this is for You
The crown is long past due
The Table is of our hearts
Come and sit, draw forth new start

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