The Queen

She came to me night of the groom
Dripping blood of the full moon
Brothers bride sisters pride
Will to fly to never die
As the bull bucking stallion
Quivering blooming medallion
Honey poured of the oak
Passion’s inferno ever stroked
Ravens flight violet of night
Marble skin warm delight
Wind howls owls do shriek
Swollen nectar tastes so sweet
Blood bled blood fed
Ever bound ever wed

Otherworldly Father

Lugh of the Golden Eye
Lugh of the Crimson Hand
Father you have heard my cry
Alone in darkness I stand
Erect yet fallen
Enraged and sullen
For I have died
My blade does cry
Wailing is the spear of blood
To drown in poppy seed of love
That song I hear eternally sung
Far the spirit it has flung
The Crimson Hand
The Dead who stand
Falling has brought thy here
Into the shadow I stare
Golden one I hear your distant song
Sun rising no longer long
Golden eye opens anew
Shining brow, a new morning drew
My father stirred ancient thought
A song of spirit lost and sought
‘Rise again my wandering son
Deeds there are to be done
Healed are your wounds
Blessed indeed is the groom
So sharp is thy sword
Sharper still thy silent word
You know as I speak
For this is what you seek
Crimson hand to let free yet rest
Ever rise, Immortal Crest’