Neither Fire Nor Iron

I am the wolf of night
Hunt of the moon, howl of fright
I am the silent arrow keen
Of the forest, I track unseen
I am the spear thrust straight
For today is death’s date
Painted skin, mantled pelt
In darkness my hand is felt
Hungry stalker of the shadows
Hidden beast, Lord of Gallows

I am the bear of might
My shield stands ready day and night
I am the claw of power
To bind the limb, pain I shower
Fury of the lonesome cave
Trespassers are sent to eternal grave
Cast one down, break his bone
For my grasp is made of stone
I am the all consuming maw
The feast of flesh my ever call

I am the boar of war
First to break through the door
Rushing forth as hide is thick
More than brute, a bag of tricks
Master of the thicket lost
Secrets of crossroads crossed
I am the axe, tusk of boar
Of my brothers, I stand at fore
The ranks I break and steel I bend
Splintered shields, skulls never mend

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