Warm Delight

Springtime blossom and pollen scent
The delight of time temporarily lent
Arriving home to shut the gate
The world I may now forsake
A frenzied canine a fire shot
Ecstatic one it’s me he caught
Breathing flower of feminine grace
My love, my life, my other face
In shining sun the rose does bloom
Arrived, arrived is the green groom
Herbs embrace with aroma inviting
Black snakes rattle, I’ll bite as lightning
Birds do ever chirp and sing
Solemn bells do daily ring
The night is cool and breeze is quaint
Come my beast let’s free restraint
The moon this night glows a whole
Let us travel hunting paths we stole
Chorus of life where land meets marsh
Howl to the moon loving and harsh
What beautiful land to watch such grow
To see the seeds the planters sow
A folk story I heard the farmer speak
“Coywolves have settled the forest deep
I hear them sometimes at night”
I smile back, such warm delight…

DSC01141 copy 3

Witches’ Night

No fire this night lit
Come thee witches, come and sit
This night the veil is thin
Melodies of ancient kin
This night I invite thee to
Of the mist thus seen through
Truly, the dead travel fast
Invitation to share a glass
No fire lit this night
Free is the witch of flight
Indeed, the dead travel fast
A toast, I raise a glass