Splintered Wood

Long ago in mist unknown
Between Oak and Willow, seed was sown
Far time, withered thee
Again, again a planted seed
A glance of time
Maddening rhyme
Willow leaves did sway
The Oak, the Oak is blessed this day
Sun shining, leaves entwining
Song of a slow breeze crying
Why, oh Willow, do you dance so?
Such will not make you grow
For I dance with wind spoke she
With ease stroked, for all to see
Yes he said, the wind is fair
You so worth one’s stare
Yet the wind does crack and bite
Have you not heard the Fey of night?
All will give and take
For the wind will forsake
Free I dance, she cried
Or else I fear I shall die
Find then wind, sweet splintered heart
In such please find true art
Or others will build with your wood
A broken heart misunderstood
Do not be contained by the wind
To dance one must dance within

Hounds of God

The Hounds of God we are
Mantle worn over many scars
We fear not the Devil nor his hell
Fear not the evil witch’s spell
Guardians of the sacred land
Howl as one we stand
When demon and witch threaten all
Upon the fen we heed the call
When evil threatens harvest gift
We travel across Hell’s rift
No man nor demon to fear
We bring threat when drawn near
To beat and to mortally bite
We are the wolves of night
Defenders of the sacred land
Under one moon we stand
We take up pelt of beast
To guard the innocent’s feast
Chosen, few become as we
Those gifted, hidden we see
For when I chant upon this mead
Upon your soul I plant a seed
Run with us this blessed night
Cast all evil from your sight