By Lightning We Shall Fall

Many years ago and this day
A great forest flowered as ever May
Ever enchanted, cursed and blessed
An ancient oak grew strong
A distant wolf alone howled long
One day hot and of wet air
Lone wolf wandered, glazed glare
Weary of the hunting trail
Seeking shade, one tired, one failed
Grove of the Oak he found
Ancient Kings shadow upon the ground
Finding rest
Temporary nest
“Clear mist, wearied wolf,” said Oak
Whisper from above, the ancient one spoke
“The mist is blinding”, replied Wolf Lone
“My seeds are buried unsown”
Oak stirred “All seeds shall grow in time
For God does not commit such crime.
Why young wolf do you alone sit?
I see scars one cannot not shift
There are many wolves of the forest
Do you not hear their chorus?”
“I hear their wailing cries” Wolf replied
“Do you not hear their spirit died?
They howl at nothing, only jest
Not to Sun’s fury nor Moon’s caress
They hunt the young and the innocent
Weak for the weak, they are empty and spent
Their deceitful ways are not as I
In the forest I once met a Single Eye
I do not hear a true wolf’s cry
Only trickery, a masked lie
I once hunted alone the mighty Bear
I am now scarred for not having care
I hunted alone the noble Elk
Pierced was my skin, pain thus dealt
I hunted alone the cunning Mountain Cat
Clawed scars now show upon my back
With thirst I drank from a white stream
Now here I am with a silent dream.”
Oak spoke, “I too stand alone.
All saplings watched now stand grown.
For centuries I have stood vigil
Seeking the stars, the eternal sigil
To many I have given rest
My gift is to be a nest
One day I will pass
Just as every blade of grass
One day I will fall asunder
I pray only by lightning and thunder
Young lonesome wolf of the hunting trail
In rising we do not fail
I envy your unending way
The feeling to wander astray
For my roots run deep into earth
Forever I am but a hearth”
“I envy you mighty Oak”, Wolf replied
For in peace you may die
I am forever cursed to hunger and thirst
To only find peace, to find God first
For I shall die of blood and desire
You shall fall from lightnings choir.”
I quiet breeze passed under Oak tree
In silent thought each could see
“Lone wolf, forever I shall give you rest”
“Great Oak, I shall ever stand watch, a dog’s new nest
And one day there will not be death of blood
Nor death of desire, only the Cycle’s love
And one day we shall hear the last call
“One day, by lightning we shall fall”

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