Good Hands

Beaumains was once my name
I cometh humble, still ever same
Broken and dried were once my hands
Hardened and softened fair, as one who stands
Shadowed as one picked off the shelf
A silent vow, test of self
Upon coming time
A noble quest, a singing rhyme
For in action is only proof
The only currency of truth
Taking beast between the thigh
To path’s end or to die
Into the forest deep I intwined
Accompanied by two, we dined
A humble one of truthful sight
The other a lowly spell of plight
Wandered through the only way
Upon a crimson grove bodies sway
One of the darkest self attacked I
Cast to violence one must die
Incased in victory of death
Continue forth all peril jest
For darkness I have met
Amour worn eternal debt
A blooming grove came forth in sight
Not of healing, only strife
Warden of green grove stood tall
Sharpened axe heeds his call
“I once challenged a man who does not cower
The Hound his name, immortal flower
Do you carry such nobility?
Draw forth sword.” he decreed
In victory I conquered wild nature
Path revealed embraced stranger
The Red Horizon is fate
Onward to death’s date
A flower bloomed in cage of obsidian
Riding forth to fear no oblivion
The Blood Warrior stood guard and master
Sheathed in darkness I bring disaster
To defeat he of seven strength
Furious struggle of great length
Stand tall over the one who conquers
Stand over self and eternal monster
Embrace the Lady of moon fair
Queen of eternity’s glare
Crown bearing seven stones
Seven lights a mantled throne

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