Far away lands beckon my name
The way, the path is such a game
Far away lands beckon my sword
A silent oath, an unspoken word
I heed the call
A champion who will not fall
Past Serpent’s Sea lies unknown fate
Ancient and present, transparent date

I hear their boasting, eternal lies
Cursed, cursed, all doomed to die
In darkness throats I shall slit
Upon the fens, in darkness I sit
Boasting and false worth of gold
Honour, honour, forever sold
The Rider, the Rider, beckons my hand
Deeds, deeds, of one to stand

A mountain to guard, all I shall rule
I answer the call, to serve only fools
Decadent and weak are those I shield
Bear and the Wolf, Oak of the Field
Frenzied foe, Giant of foulest deed
In flesh I shall carve my eternal creed
Answer, I answer the call of the lame
I choose to stand, fate I shall tame

Upon flesh I feast, Upon blood I do dine
Punishment sent from the Worlds Numbered Nine
As the ghost I hunt forth
Bloodied tongued, Hound of the North
Once I called brothers, one of same name
Fallen of decadence, death they became
Duty sent forth from Most High
All brethren, all lost brethren must die

My sword I shall cast away
Armour and shield shall carry no sway
Stand for those who are empty and spent
Stand with courage, brave spirit lent
Perhaps death is fate you deserve
I stand, time will remember My word
I am Beowulf, Wolf of the Sea
I am Odin, Single Eye my decree

A scent I smell upon the air
Time lent, a bloodied glare
Death creeps upon the mist
A warrior, a hunter, a crimson gift
One worthy of eternal name
Finally, finally, he came
I am Grendel, Feaster of Flesh
I am Odin, Raven of No Nest

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