Blood of Kings

Thirteen moons of night
This night glows most bright
A solemn king on throne alone
Sacrifice bled, seeds thus sown
Awaiting the One blood summoned
Awaiting those never to be governed
Lightning roared across night sky
Great Father’s promise to never die
Howling wind crashed upon the hall
Great door flew open, reveal one thus called
Shadow stood upon threshold concealed
Lightnings laughter only revealed
In silence stood such darkness bright
Decide great king, is true this sight
Time lingered in silent talk
One must invite the crooked who walk
“Come forth in light” beckoned silent king
For what answer do you bring
Hooded and cloaked darkness stepped forth
Wailing wind of the north
Striding bent and low through hall
One who heard the bloody call
“King of kings” spoke honeyed voice
No longer do you have such choice
“King of kings” he spoke so sweet
As a Storm Maiden, strange does one greet
In empty hall roared a single flame
The dark one peered to such name
“King of kings” he spoke to dancing fire
Voice so sweet, of mockery and desire
Placing hands into the inferno
Flames danced away causing no sorrow
“We have heard the whispers of the throne”
Sacrifice summoned, seeds of blood sown
Hidden eyes cloaked in black
Flickering light revealed sharpened craft
Maned face, teeth sharp as blade
Patterned scars, gifts god gave
“King of kings” he spoke to flame
“You who seeks eternal name
Do you swear an oath of blood?
Do you ask for our eternal love?”
Palms stretched forth to plainly see
“Do you declare such decree?”
Hesitation revealed upon kingly crown
“I swear” spoke king, fear must drown
Mantle of darkness fell to the floor
Standing erect, destroyer of shores
Bare skin standing high and strong
Symboled scars of the roaring throng
Revealing eyes a baleful glow
Now peer through king, a coming sorrow
A glare of pure hate and lust
Enemy of the world, world of disgust
Hair matted and blood drenched touched ground
Fire eyes speak with no sound
“Let us make this deal
For you know the price, we only steal”
A voice no longer sweet
A sharp growl of lust for human meat
Striding forth before the throne
The wind does howl, sprouted seed sown
A stench from he of frenzied name
Mildewed fen and rot of blood , one not sane
Hand stretched forth towards king
Draw forth black blade, wind does sing
Slowly cutting open left hand
This is the price to have us stand
King arose drawing forth sword
Cutting left hand without a word
Walking forth to he thus called
Clasping hands, a bloody scrawl
Laughter roared of the bloodied one
Laughter of death to never shun
Licking hand of sweet taste
A new path, a king moulds fate
A chorus of howls echoed in distance near
Neither human nor beast, sounds summon fear
Armies to crumble and kings to fall
You summoned us, we heed the Call

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