Ever have you heard Roland’s song
A single sound, one ever strong
For never is a man to ask for help
Stand alone till death is felt
Never is a man to admit defeat
Never kneel before one’s feet
For I heard the echo of the horn
To die erect, never forsworn
For what was his last song
The single noise of the roaring throng
Do not ride to my groveling aid
Ride for vengeance, I rest in grave
Ride for fury and swords deed
Immortal my name, an endless creed
For I have drank my fill of mead
Princess thighs, planted seed
I have dined with worthy men
Oaths of valour to the world we send
Alas, to ask for more is such theft
Save the grace of worthy death
Never is one to take aid
Ride to glory of immortal grave
For from dirt must one rise
Mantled throne of the sky
I have heard the horn echo through mist
To rise alone, immortal gift
First of Paladin’s song to I
Unbroken sword, immortal we die

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