I took the ship that travels south
Past serpents way to river’s mouth
The jeweled city a sight to see
Temporary oath, wealthy decree
Here the men slither so weak
The women exotic, a feast to seek
A golden emperor upon fearful throne
He seeks a shield, an oak full grown
Temporary loyalty, temporary oath
Chests of gold, wealth of ever growth
I care not for this man, nor for his plan
For myself and brothers do I stand
Oath not to emperor, oath to Most High
Oath unbreakable, the only way to die
My brothers stand many, axe bearers tall
Giants of north, we trample the small
Steep is our price, storm wind of the north
Living Slain, thunder strides forth
First of king’s blades we do stand
Rule over men of such weak land
Men hate us here, envy of small
Sun soaked women beckon and call
Finest of wines flow every night
Midnight haired maidens, what a delight
Champion’s portion, each day we feast
Such are the riches, great city of east
Fury and lightning, unbreakable in battle
Stand high above all native cattle
When ships weigh heavy of gold
No longer will our hands be sold
Serpents path we travel and sing
To return home, return as a king




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