Lightning’s Gift

A regret, one not fallen in battle
Look at you now, death marked cattle
To fall with lightning’s blood you did not
Now from Great Oak you shall rot
Fight you did not with glorious rage
Taken prisoner, now a lowly slave
You came to take, rape and burn
Now a symbol, warning others to learn
A pleasure to chain broken body to stone
Thunder’s sacrifice, fallen one’s throne
Crimson runes carved upon flesh
Your only salvation, a now worthy death
Look into my eyes, do not cower
Embrace, embrace lightning’s last shower
I dedicate this hammer to Thunder’s Song
Shattered skulls, Blood Raven’s throng
To hang upon Heaven’s Great Oak
Bring forth the next, High Priest has spoke

White Thor

I am the oak of the heart
Healer of souls, an endless new start
The sacred grove my will to keep
Courage I bless to he who will seek
I am the temple’s foundation stone
The mountainous pillar of Heaven’s throne
Unbreakable roof is my shield raised high
Nine steps I swear, before I must die
My seed is the fertile acorn that falls
Eternal echo, to the mighty I call
I am the guardian of the sacred shrine
Brow’s lightning cast forth, the wicked I blind
Call to me in the darkest of nights
The Highest  I serve, dispeller of fright
Call to me when taint takes thy soul
Strength to rise, reclaim what evil stole
Call to me in moment of weakened voice
Thunder my song, granter of new choice
I am the healer of my children’s line
My hall’s flame is warm, an invite to dine

Red Thor

I am rage embraced in the heart
Destroyer of obstacles, an endless new start
My voice is lightning given form
Furious roar, the ecstatic thunder storm
I am strength revealed to sight
The first to step forth, the first to fight
I am the endless battle cry
Destroyer of serpent, the only way to die
I am fiercest of prides, strongest of hands
Eternal guardian of all earth’s lands
Hatred and vengeance I fall upon foe
Nine steps, my destined death throe
Call to me when battle is joined
In favour shall fall my generous coin
Call to me in fury’s last cry
Will of the champion, brave one to die
Call to me when blood boils in rage
Destroyer of giants, thunderous sage
I am the strength of my children’s line
My hall’s flame is warm, an invite to dine