Saint Hubert’s Key

When moon glows and wolves do howl
When night is deep and bloodthirst prowls
Sit still my child do not have fear
Clutch thy cross, bring Saint Hubert near
When forest echoes a baleful sound
When beasts wail, in fear you drown
Upon your heart clasp Wolfsbane tight
Pray unto sacred candlelight
When leaves rustle behind your back
Panting breath, pack of the black
Cast ground silver upon threshold
Do as the Noble Hunter once told
Should the curse fall upon your flesh
A small pain my child, fear not death
To the flame take Saint Hubert’s key
Marked forever, a new decree
Take up the arrow of cursed one’s bane
Take up the torch in God’s name
Balm of silver ground and wolfsbane bound
Blessed arrow, the wolf to be found

Heart of the Wolf

He who walks the Hunter’s Skin
Salve of untamed shift within
Silent spell cast into night
Free thy ecstacy, pure delight
Binding night when moon holds sway
When women bleed a summoning way
As shadow falls from silver light
When men’s fury is of full sight
Gather the wood of eternal tree
Oaken pyre none may see
As flames cast towards sky
Take from the beast who died
Bare skull, and whole of heart
Cast to flame in the dark
Hair of He who summons fire
Hair of beast, blood desire
Dust of black grind with stone
Shadow’s pigment, earthly throne
From beneath skin take with no sound
Blooded grease heated down
Bind the paint, ointment of beast
Bind the essence of the feast
Chest of Shifter blood must run
Asleep must be the sun
Spit of fury, hate, and lust
Cast away world of disgust
Seed of thy oak must run free
Cast too thy musk: none may see
Bind to vessel of blackened oil
Balm of one born of the soil
Anoint thyself in paint of beast
Don the mantle of the Great Feast